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Seems this theme didn’t quite get the creative juices going. Not many entries for it, which is sort of disappointing. I have to admit I did have an idea of what I wanted to do, but then when I went to do it, well it didn’t really work out. Still, when I went through what I had I found something I had forgotten all about. The entries that have been sent have been interesting, photos of telephones, photos of people using them, and even photos taken them.
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MM 4-22: Theme Doors

The lack of numbers for this one seems to show how it has snuck up on us all. Either that or people didn’t like the theme, I like to think it is the first one. It is a small number, but no less beautiful.

The next theme, maybe something more abstract this time, what do you think? How about, IN THE OPEN? As always, your interpretation.
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It is theme week, I do look forward to them each month. I didn’t think I would be a theme sort of person, but I like to see what I can do for them. I have to say there have been some incredible images coming in. I think this is a great post and think the photos are beautiful, I hope you agree. 
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