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The next theme, first Thursday in July is Wild, your interpretation.

Running late again. I have some friend from the states in Melbourne at the moment and I spent quite a bit of time with them yesterday. Still, I’m sure you are used to me running late these days.

The next theme, first Thursday in July, in 2 weeks, is Wild, your interpretation.
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This one snuck up on me, I almost forgot about it completely, and then last week someone asked the question, and I thought, yes it is next week. Here we are and there have been some great entries and responses to our theme of repetition.

This leads to what is next, the next theme will be the first Thursday of July and Carrie from The Shady Tree gave me some suggestions and one of them was Wild, I like that, so that will be the next theme. As always, your interpretation.
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It has been a great week on this blog, and while many things are changing it is nice that Monochrome Madness will continue for the time being. I haven’t had many people sending in photos this week, but it is still going to be a great set.

Don’t forget the theme for the next challenge at the beginning of next month, Repetition. As always your interpretation.
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This one caught me by surprise. I thought I had weeks to go and then on the weekend I realised it was now. So amazing that we are at another theme already. It has been lots of fun to see all the images coming in.

We need to come up with a new theme, I was given one idea, believe or belief, I am not sure about it, but if you want to do it then we will go ahead, but I’m open to other suggestions.
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A new year has begun. How amazing. Thank you everyone for your messages of congratulations, and it it was wonderful to hear how many of you enjoy it each week. Someone did comment about how people don’t really comment on the images anymore. I don’t know why that is. Could be my fault, I don’t know.
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We made it, here we are at our third anniversary. It is an amazing feat, and I’ve met some amazing people through the process. MM certainly isn’t what it was in the beginning, and while it didn’t grow like I thought it would, it is good that it didn’t stop. There have been many people that did it once and no longer do, and I do miss them. Still, there have been new contributors along the way as well. Will we see a fourth anniversary, I’m not so sure, but time will tell.

Next weeks MM will be 4-1

Congratulations everyone.
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