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It is surprising to see the number 200 up there for Monochrome Madness. There have been 200 MM posts over the last 4 years, which is quite amazing really. Still nice to see that some of you still want to contribute. Not a surprise to see last week that it is one of the most popular posts.
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Did you notice the name change? More the number. I decided that instead of doing it in years, we would just record how many times we have done MM, and when it was all added up there have been 192. Another way to look at it is that I have done an image for every MM except for once, so I have done 191 monochrome images that I might not have done otherwise. How many have you done?
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That was an interesting week, MM last week. It was good to hear how many of you still enjoy it, but I have to admit, with only 13 people sending images, I still have to question whether it is worth it. At the moment my decision is to stick with it here, but also offer to people an opportunity to put up their own photos in the group on Facebook.
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