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The new software I got for doing videos is really fun to play with and one of things I have been enjoying is recording the screen when I am processing an image. I did a long recording where I talked out loud what I was thinking and what I did to the image.  If you want to view that there are instructions at the end.


This is how the image looked when I started working on it.  I love this building, it is very grand, though it is one of those buildings that the insides were taken out so they could rebuild it.  I don’t know how much of the interior remained, I suspect it is just the facade and the foyer.  Though, the foyer is pretty amazing, I love going in there and just looking.  It is quite breathtaking.

Then the image ended up looking like this.


Not a lot of difference, but I did try to get rid of the people that were in the foreground a bit.  I like the lighting in it, and I like comparing the before with the after, it is quite nice to see how an image can be transformed.  I think the first image was more a snap of the outside, whereas this one looks more in keeping with how they want people to view the building.  Elegant perhaps.

Here is the video I did of it.

That is the sped up version.  The long version goes for just over 30 minutes.  If you would like to see the full version so you can see what I did, then you will need to press the buy now button and pay the $3.  Then I will add your YouTube name or email address to the video and you will have access to it. Please think of this as a way of helping to support me so I can continue doing this for you.


Today I tried taking some new images.  I have seen a guy on G+ doing them and I really like them.  It is something that I have been thinking about doing for years, so I thought might try it out.  I played with different light and then decided to edit it.


It hasn’t worked exactly how I wanted, but it is a start.  I think it tells a story and will find out tomorrow when I put it on my other blog.

I also did a video if it and am going to show the sped up version of it here.  Someone asked me why did I speed them up so much, and that I should consider leaving them long and selling them.  Well, selling access to them.  So you get the short, fast version and if you want to see how I processed the image, then you will need to pay me AUD$3, consider it like a donation.  I will put something at the end of the post.

If you would like to see how this image was processed, you can watch the 32 minute video, but first you will need to pay for it. It is $3


Last week I did a before and after of the following image, and Stacy from VISUAL VENTURING wanted to know how I replaced the sky in the image. old-buildings-skyscrapers-closingin-melbourne I thought if she wanted to know then perhaps others did too, so using my new Camstasia Studio software I did a video of it for her and others.  So Stacy, I hope this helps you to work out what I did.  Of course if anyone has any questions, please ask, and if I can answer them I will.

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