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This morning I had to get up very early to head to St Kilda for a long exposure workshop. As I was heading there I was driving through so much fog. It was fantastic and I would love to have stopped to take photos, but I had to get to going. We are getting so much fog this year, so I am really excited as the last few years we have had almost none. I need to get out more.
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Recently I was able to get a lot of Formatt Hitech gear that meant I could teach people how to do long exposure photography. I had found that many people who were doing the one on ones with me were really interested in the long exposure more, so I realised it was something that I should start teaching. I now have two options.
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Dockands at Sunset

In the last week I’ve spent several hours at Docklands here in Melbourne, on separate days teaching people how to do long exposure photography. It has been quite interesting showing people how to do it and use the filters. It is not something that I ever considered that people would want from me, or want me to teach them.


A long exposure of docklands taken in the middle of the day.

Long exposure photography is very popular and it seems that lots of people want to learn how to do it. There is something very surreal about the images that you get. It is a lovely type of photography and one that I am totally in love with. It can completely transform the scene in front of you and for the work that I find myself wanting to do, it is perfect.

I am now in the position where I have enough gear that I can teach people how to do long exposures.  I have two brackets and quite a few filters. The next question is do people want to pay me to learn.

Dockands at Sunset

A long exposure taken at sunset.

There are so many places around Melbourne to do long exposures and I think teaching people how would be great.

I have some thoughts on time, maybe a two hour class for $250.  The other option is a three hour class for $350.

You would need a camera that you can use on manual with a bulb setting, a tripod, and remote shutter release. I have everything else you would need to experiment and try out taking photos.

I guess the next question is how do I find the people who want to learn how to do it. I will have to start using my Instagram account, see if that actually works.

I’ve also noticed that there is another one of those, supposedly great deals on at the moment, pay $87 for $1900 worth of stuff. All to do with business marketing for the photographer. Could be worth it. I am contemplating getting it. If you are interested here is the link, 5DayDeal.

If you are in Melbourne and do want to learn long exposure photography from me then send me an email.


On my recent trip to the Mallee I organised to run a Landscape Photography and Night Photography in Nyah West, and it incorporated photographing the milky way, or more Astrophotography.  I had six participants and I think most of them, if not all of them really enjoyed the workshop.  I know I did.  It was a great experience taking a landscape photography workshop some where out in the real landscape.  Usually when I do them it is somewhere local where I can only little things, and we have to pretend it is a real landscape.

The environment we choose to do the landscape workshop was amazing. All through the top north western part of the Victoria are salt lakes or salt pans.They rarely have water in them, but can often give you a harsh environment to photography, so it is perfect for landscape photography.

These two photos were taken by one of the participants, Gail.  You can see what it was like there.  I initially thought the sunset would be disappointing, but now looking back at the photos, I think it was good.

I was also sent photos by Jo.

Jo also did some modelling for us and allowed us to shoot her with the Milky Way over the top.  She modeled and I pressed her shutter button for her so she didn’t miss out on getting photos herself. It was a lot of fun doing that, and something I would like to do in further workshops.

I am heading back up the Mallee in November and have two workshops planned, one in Swan Hill and one in Hopetoun.  Both are going to be basic photography ones, with the idea of showing people how to use their cameras and how to get their cameras off auto so they will be more confident using them.  I was actually thinking of calling the workshops that, Getting your Camera off Auto.

Getting Your Camera Off Auto

A 5 to 6 hour workshop, the first three hours will be intensive, so you will learn lots of the basic necessities for how your camera works.  You will also learn more about Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and how they work together to get the best images.

After that section we will head out into the field where you can practice some of the techniques I’ve shown you with me still around and available to answer any questions you might have.

Saturday 8th of November – Swan Hill

Sunday 9th of November – Hopetoun, from 1pm

Cost is $90 per person.

To book, contact me, or for the Hopetoun Workshop, you can book through Gateway BEET, 03 5083 3001