Finding Stories in Melbourne

When I went into the city the other day I was looking around at different lanes to see if I could do stories with them. Not real stories in the sense of writing words to go with them, but to make the image be the story so you, the viewer, can find your own story. Sometimes that story will be obvious and at others not. lanes-stories-man-Melbourne


I was taking photos of all the lanes I saw if I thought they were interesting. I took some photos of this one and when I looked closer I saw that a man was sitting in it. I don’t know who he was, or what he was doing sitting there, but I don’t think it matters, he is there. You can decide who he was or is. What is his story?

I’ve been watching some movies and how they are coloured, it is something that I do a lot and have done many times. I am always experimenting with how I can achieve similar movie results. The experimentation will continue, though I quite like where it is going now.

20 Responses

  1. Wow. this is a very moving photograph Leanne.
    Your shot is wonderfully candid and raw and gritty.
    sorrow fills the lane as he sits hidden in the shadows, unseen, Forgotten.

  2. Beautiful work Leanne, I love the way you have processed it.

  3. Wow, what a shot, it left me speechless! Congratulations!

  4. this is a story Leanne!! A wonderful image and I love the tone. The figure is like a shadow spirit of the lane! A very haunting quality to it all.

  5. Beautiful shot Leanne. I don’t know if I would like to go into that alley.

  6. I think this is one of my favorite shots of yours, Leanne.

  7. It’s a great shot Leanne. It evokes loneliness when I look at it.

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