First monochrome, then back to colour

Over on the other blog it is Monochrome Madness 3-1, and, as I usually do, I put up a photo, the following one.


I took this last week when I was exploring some areas around central Victoria. This is the dam wall for the dam at Cairn Curran Reservoir.  It seemed like a good chance to use my filters and do a long exposure.

The Formatt Hitech Firecrest 16 ND filter was used for this four minute exposure.

Long exposures are great in monochrome, but I don’t believe it is the only way to do them. I like seeing how they also look in colour. I get a choice then. I have never been a firm believer that black and white is so much better than colour.


In this case, perhaps the monochrome is better.

It is interesting to do.  I like getting the two and doing the comparisons. It is a technique that I’m working on and the results work sometimes, and other times, like this time, they don’t.

10 Responses

  1. I love the color pulled back in!

  2. While I like B&W very much, B&W versus color always depends upon the image itself. B&W has the ability to bring out more in terms of detail. (On a color TV, I used to remove the color from the picture time to time. Then, you got to see the lines and wrinkles in the faces of the local TV newspeople. Yes, I’m bad.) But, color has its place. In your dam photo, in the color version you are able to see the water line much, much better.

  3. I’m partial to earth tones so I enjoy the color image a bit more as well. Both are striking however.

  4. i like the color image a bit better, both are great.

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