Floral Friday – Flowers with the phone

This week has been exciting as I got some lenses for my phone to try out. They are from a company called Struman Optics and they are the best ones I’ve seen so far. I really like the macro lens, and you can get so close.

I have two photos taken with them. The first one is from my garden. It is a marigold that hasn’t opened yet.


The second one I took at Alowyn Gardens today.


It blows my mind how close you can get to the flowers.

Speaking of Alowyn Gardens, I’m going to be teaching a Macro Photography class there on the 29th of October. I’m really excited at the prospect of it. Should be a good day.

21 Responses

  1. Brilliant shots Leanne .. is your phone an iPhone?

  2. These are stunning images, Leanne. I can’t believe you captured these with your phone! How do the lenses work?

  3. This is interesting. I’m going to look again at these lenses. I did try one once on my iPhone 6splus, but it wasn’t good at all ( I wasn’t expecting much as it cost about the same as a good cup of coffee! )

  4. Amazing how close you can get to the flowers and still produce first-class images! But to have special macro lenses for a phone is mind-blowing. Thanks for the info, Leanne!

  5. Chris Kirby

    Really nice to see a review of these lenses from someone known!

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