A monochrome sky and then colour again

Over on my other blog it it Monochrome Madness today and I did the following photo for it.


I love those sun rays and really wanted to make the most of them, but I tend to think that the tree and the clouds clash a bit.  So it seemed logical to put the colour back.


I think the tree and clouds still blend in, but the colour seems to help with the separation.

It would have been easy to saturate the sunset, but I liked how it looked without the saturation. I hope it looks more subtle.

For this image I think the colour image looks a lot better than the monochrome one. Sometimes colour is better.

8 Responses

  1. Beautiful image Leanne… I have to agree with you the colour image is better… the colour gives more perspective as to the depth of the horizon… love it.

  2. Hi Leanne, great sun rays! If I may suggest, I think the image would have more visual impact if it was cropped about one fifth on the left side, one fifth at the top and maybe a quarter of the image area below the horizon line.

    • Everyone is always going to think there is something wrong with your image and you should change it. I like it how it is and have never been a fan of cropping to close in a subject. I like space in my images.

  3. Fantastic, brilliant, kudos.

  4. Leanne, I have to agree, as nice as the B/W is, the colour has more depth and definition – thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

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