Reworking Older Images: Apollo Bay Marina

In my back-up files I have thousands and thousands photos, maybe a million or more. There are so many and I often think that I have nothing I can work on. The reality of it all is that the base images are always there. If I want to go back and rework them then what I end up with is going to be different to what I did previously, because my experience with processing has changed. So today I decided to try reworking an older image, one from Apollo Bay that I took at sunrise at the marina there.

This particular morning was so beautiful. I very rarely get a beautiful sunrise and I was really shocked on this particular morning at Apollo Bay when we headed out that we managed to get this.

State I

This is what I did to it the first time around.


There is nothing wrong with how I processed it originally, and it has been a popular image in the past, but I wondered if I could improve it.

What I don’t like about this image is the bit of plain sky at the top and the bottom reflection. It seemed to make the image dirty in a way, I’m not quite sure how to explain it. I also wanted to know if I could make the colours more intense. So I had a play.

State II


I cropped it a little to help get rid of the the bits I didn’t like and I added some intensity. I like the outcome and the added gradient to the top and bottom almost frames it in a way. On a black background it looks fantastic. The boats in the middle were lightened a little so they didn’t get lost. The image is about the boats as much as the sunrise I think, and they each compliment one another.

It might even be interesting visiting this in another two years to see what I would do then.  See how much more I have learned about Adobe Photoshop by that stage. It is an ever ending process and one that I love.

This is going to be series I believe, not this image, but going back and reworking old images. I know there are ones that I have from the past that I like the composition, but now hate how I processed them, or know that I would do things differently now. It should be interesting.

8 Responses

  1. Great job, Leanne, as always!

  2. I love the intensity of colours in “state 2” It’s very interesting to rework old edits and see how your skills and perspectives have changed. I hope you do make this into a series. 😊

  3. Beautiful work either way Leanne. 👍🏻❤️

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