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A Shearing Shed

Those of you that have been following me for a long time will have seen what is in today’s image many times. I’m up at the mallee visiting my mother again and to get my car serviced.
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Camera gear is important if you want to take photos, and over the years you change with what you are taking photos off, along with how. I thought it might be fun to take a look at what gear I think I need for what I do now. Let’s say all my gear was stolen and I had to start again, what would I get. I don’t think I would end up with as much.
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Last week Benro Australia had an event at the Queen Victoria Night Market. I was excited to go and being an ambassador for Benro Australia it was something that would be good to do. I find situations like these quite hard, but being one of the ambassadors meant I had to lead, I can do that.

Queen Victoria market is big in Melbourne, but usually during the day. During the week there are fruit and vegies, Saturday as well. On Sundays they sell the stuff that many places sell, all the cheap stuff. During summer they do a night market where there are food stalls everywhere. It is really interesting to go. There are so many options for food. Lots of street food, and very yummy.
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This is a fairly new thing for Melbourne, but every year in February we have White Night. The city centre is closed to traffic, all of it, even trams, for the whole night and the buildings are lit up with amazing light shows. There are installations everywhere as well. They go on all night and there are people everywhere. It is a popular event. 
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This post is usually done on a Friday, but to be honest, I don’t really have any news. I’m trying to get some articles written and I’ve been away for a few days. I thought perhaps we could just look at what I’ve posted to Instagram for the last week. We will see what happens in the following week.

Here are my Instagram images. If you do follow me on Instagram then you will also know that with each post I give tips on taking photos or processing them.

As I was saying the other day, it has been a strange week, in a good way, but I have felt a bit all over the place. Some good things have happened, which is nice. I haven’t been out as much taking photos, but think the following week will make up for that.

cover-issue-6Dynamic Range Magazine

We did it. Issue 6 is ready to be sent out and will be emailed to the subscribers tomorrow, and then on sale for everyone else the day after.

This Issue has been hard to do. It doesn’t help when we don’t know the future of the magazine and if it will continue. I still think it is amazing and I know those of you who have purchased it in the past feel the same way.

It is the first time my image has been on the cover. It seemed like a good issue to do that.

I really hope you are all looking forward to seeing the next edition.

Benro Australia Ambassador

I finally got my wish and have been made an ambassador for a company. I was informed the other day that Benro Australia would like to make me one. I am so happy, I was dancing around the house. I do love the Benro Tripod I have and am really happy that it will now be part of my kit.


My Book

I am getting ready for the launch of the book. We are having it on the 24th of November. Seems not a good night for the council, so not sure how many people will actually be there.

If you are interested in purchasing the book the details are here.


I’m off to Woomelang again next week. Not sure if I will get a lot of photos taken, apparently the mozzies, or mosquitoes are in plague proportions. They have had so much rain up there so it is hardly surprising. I’m not sure if I will be brave enough to spend too much time outside. However, it will be nice to see my mum. I always enjoy catching up with her.  Will have to see what is in her garden. Note to self, pack the Lensbaby lenses.

I thought it might be nice to reflect on another past visit I did there. This one was almost two years ago. It is amazing how much can change. Some of these buildings are no longer there, so I can’t photograph them anymore. Still plenty more there and in other towns close by.


One of the big plans for the Royal Melbourne Show was to photograph the fireworks in the evening. We needed to go back on a night where rain wasn’t expected. Thursday was that night.

In the meantime I had a meeting with a rep from Benro Australia, they make tripods, among other things and I was loaned a carbon fibre tripod to use and try. I was also loaned the Samyang 12mm Fisheye lens and what better place to try it out than the show with all the side shows and rides, plus the fireworks.

I am going to do what I did yesterday. First I will put a gallery with all the photos taken with the fisheye.  Look out for the Masterchef kitchen and the scones from the Country Women’s Association, incredible.

I should add that all the night photos were taken using the Benro Carbon Fibre tripod, it was such a joy to use, I think I am going to have to see about getting one.  Great size and has so many options, it is brilliant.  If you are in Melbourne Vanbar stock them.

When the sun started setting I put on my 24-70mm lens again. I wanted to try some things with that lens and I was finding that for some things I couldn’t get close enough. I do like the rides with the dark stormy clouds, though I probably should have used a filter with them to help get a longer exposure.

It was good fun going to the show, it is a shame the weather wasn’t a little better. We have been having a lot of rain and there has been flooding in many parts of the state.

It is the end of the show for me now. It was great going and taking photos, I hope you have enjoyed them.