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Here is my annual Christmas post, short I hope. As I have in the years that have gone before I am giving you an image. This is my Christmas gift to you. However, this one comes with another something extra, or potentially, the wonderful people at Formatt Hitech have given me one of their kits, the Revised Travel Filter Kit, Elia Locardi Signature Edition, for someone to win. So for your chance to get a special Christmas Gift leave a comment telling me why you would like to win it. The competition will end at the end of this year.

Merry Christmas

Here is the image for you to right click on and save image. Hopefully this works and just note it is a large file.


This is the wonky pier at Sullivan Bay down near Sorrento, Victoria, Australia. Image taken in 2016.

The image is for person use only.


My Gift to You

It is Christmas morning now and as I wait for the family to wake up I thought I would write a quick post to you and present you with my gift for the year. As I have done in the last couple of years, my gift is an image. It was hard working out which one to give away this year, as it is every year. In the end I decided to go with the following one.


It had to be one from my trip overseas to the USA and when I was going through them this one stuck out. It brought back some wonderful memories. Yosemite National Park was one of the absolute highlights of my trip and therefore my year. I would have loved to have spent more time there, but feel so grateful that I got to see it at all.

This is a view of North Dome, if memory serves me right, reflected in the river. There was a fire over the other side of it and you can still see some of the smoke from it.

The photo is a high resolution image so you can right click on it and download it onto your computer and print it out it if you wish. It is for personal use only.

Take care, and be careful out there, Christmas is a busy time on the roads. It is the start of the summer holiday season here. Summer has certainly hit us, with too many hot days already.

Merry Christmas


Yesterday I posted a blog post on my other site showing some images from my venture in the city of Melbourne the other day. It is my intention to continue working on a few images for this post. Ones that I do a lot more processing too. It is nice to have this blog to show my fine art photos more.


One of the really nice things about Federation Square is how it looks when it is wet. I love how the sandstone goes a beautiful golden and pink colour. It is such a textured and patterned place. These steps are around the back, sort of, near the river. I haven’t really taken many photos around there, but I must make sure I change that. When I processed this image I really wanted to emphasize the steps and the colours of them.  There was someone sitting up the top but I decided to get rid of them.

river-bridge-railway-sandridge-melbourneUnderneath the old railway bridge, the Sandridge Bridge, there are lots of patterns and shapes there as well. A strong steel structure. It has lots of arches and pylons. I think the long exposure of the water helps to highlight that steel. The water almost disappears. When I processed it I concentrated on the steel structure.

southbank-river-longexposure-clouds-nightI like the clouds in this one, but out of the three I think this is the weakest. There are too many things in it that I don’t really like. The clouds were moving very fast so it was easy to get the movement in a 30 second exposure. I think the whole image is too glitzy for what I usually look for. I really dislike the lights on the bridge as well. It is a scene I must go back to again, maybe after Christmas.

The trip into the city really was great and I still have a lot more photos to process, if I choose to. I am really enjoying exploring architecture again. I think I have missed it. I’m looking forward to seeing where my work goes in the future.


Over on my other blog it is Monochrome Madness MM 2-35 and for the month of December it is all about Christmas with a different theme each week.  This week it was bells.

I wasn’t sure what to do and while I don’t think they had to be Christmas Bells I did have an image I took a couple of years ago of lights in the shape of bells and thought that it might be appropriate for this one.


While it is not a great image, night time photos like this can be hard, there is something honest about it I think. The idea that Christmas is happening, but people are still carrying on. I think it is also very Australian, in that it is summer here when Christmas happens and that means that people are still eating outdoors, walking around because it is warm.

When processing it I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do a lot to it, but thought I could show a little red on top of the bells. It isn’t strong, just a touch of colour.

I didn’t know what to do with that image, but I have working on some others a lot more.


This is an image that I got yesterday when I was teaching a student in the city. We went down some lanes because she wanted to photograph some graffiti. When I looked at this image on my computer I realized that there was a different light at the end of the lane. It seemed like an obvious thing to play with and see where it would lead me.

Lanes can be mysterious and dangerous places, especially at night. We are told that terrible things happen in them and I wanted to try to see if I could emphasis that fear in some way. The lighting was key and making the most of it. Your imagination should tell you the story. How you react to it will be the emotion that goes with that story. I hope you have a story that goes with it.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting this blog, I really appreciate it.