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If you have been on Facebook you might have seen that I got completely mixed up with the number, oh well. I do find that Monochrome Madness does seem to sneak up on me each week, and it is here before I know it. On my Facebook page I had said it was MM201, but I had to change it to MM202. I am starting to confuse myself now.
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It is surprising to see the number 200 up there for Monochrome Madness. There have been 200 MM posts over the last 4 years, which is quite amazing really. Still nice to see that some of you still want to contribute. Not a surprise to see last week that it is one of the most popular posts.
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Seems this theme didn’t quite get the creative juices going. Not many entries for it, which is sort of disappointing. I have to admit I did have an idea of what I wanted to do, but then when I went to do it, well it didn’t really work out. Still, when I went through what I had I found something I had forgotten all about. The entries that have been sent have been interesting, photos of telephones, photos of people using them, and even photos taken them.
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