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This morning I had to get up very early to head to St Kilda for a long exposure workshop. As I was heading there I was driving through so much fog. It was fantastic and I would love to have stopped to take photos, but I had to get to going. We are getting so much fog this year, so I am really excited as the last few years we have had almost none. I need to get out more.
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It is true, I do need a new camera. I have loved my Nikon D800, but when it comes to long exposures it kinda sucks. Since most of the work I do is that, then how do I do them when I have so many problems with the final result?
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This weekend I spent time down in St Leonards catching up with a friend. It is a lovely part of the bay. It is just inside bay, and over the other side of Geelong from here. There are lots of piers down there to take photos of and great places for long exposure photography.

I’m learning to take normal photos as well, the ones without the filters that is. I tend to let the whole long exposure thing take over, but I’m trying to learn to do both, that way I can combine images and that sort of thing.
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Today I just have an image for you. It was taken last week and is of St Kilda Pier. I was down there with a friend at sunrise and we were going to make the trip out on the rocks to do some long exposures, but it had been raining and we weren’t sure how safe it would be to walk out on the rocks. I was going to go, and I had my camera around my neck, but thought I should put it in my bag, just in case I slipped. I decided to take a couple of quick shots first, then I saw the photos on the back of the camera and thought, I have to do a long exposure here.
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Recently I was able to get a lot of Formatt Hitech gear that meant I could teach people how to do long exposure photography. I had found that many people who were doing the one on ones with me were really interested in the long exposure more, so I realised it was something that I should start teaching. I now have two options.
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It has been a strange week. Not being able to get onto the internet while at my mum’s place was a little hard to cope with. It has never happened before, so I don’t really know what the problem was. It did give me a lot time to reflect and work out what I want to do. I don’t have all the answers yet, but I am thinking through some options.

Book Launch

My book, The Six Seasons of My Backyard, is having the official launch next Thursday night, the 24th of November. I’ve been busy organising everything for that. I have never done a book launch before, but hopefully I have everything I need in place. Tom Melican, who wrote the introduction to the book is going to give a speech and now that he is the mayor of Banyule give the event a little more class perhaps.

Oh, I better order the wine, I need to get a dozen bottles of some Toi Toi Wines.  I love their Sauvignon Blanc, but I haven’t been able to find any of their red here, have to order something else locally. It has been good, since the book is about a local area I’ve been trying to source local produce for the launch. I don’t know how I will go, but will see.

I’m looking forward to it. I do have to make a speech which is going to be interesting. The last time I got up and spoke in front of people there were no nerves, I just did it. It was great, so I think I might be getting better at this public speaking.

Article for Digital Photography School

My latest article for dPS is now available to read, follow the link:

7 Common Questions About Long Exposure Photography Answered


Issue 6 was published last week without too much fanfare. I think it is safe to say the next issue will be the last. But that shouldn’t stop you from buying this awesome issue.

Dynamic Range Magazine, Issue 6, out now.


The photos were taken last year on a trip to Aireys Inlet to take photos of the milky way around the lighthouse there. We did get there earlier and took some other photos as well. I love it down there, I must get back.

I hope your day is going well.