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Christmas is sneaking up fast and when I sat down to think about it I realised I better get shopping. Thankfully, I don’t have to do a lot and there aren’t that many people I have to buy presents for. I do like that. It is a good time for me to work on things while a lot of people are very busy. I work at home on my own, so Christmas parties and catch ups are not really part of my world.
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Just recently I’ve been playing with different editing software to see what it is like. With all the talk of what Adobe are doing with their subscription use of programs a lot of people are unsure of jumping aboard, while still others are worried about what happens if they keep putting the price up and up so that we can no longer afford it. The problem with the subscription idea is that once you stop paying you no longer have any access to it at all. It is like paying rent on a house, I guess.
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It has been a funny old week, I’ve had another article published, but I’ve also been waiting for tradesman to contact me about work that we need done to our house. The problem with owning houses is you have to pay for things when they break, unfortunately. We have let some things go for too long and now they are going to cost a fortune to fix. It has been a big lesson for us. So in between all that I’ve been trying to get some work done.
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Yesterday I told myself I had to do the post then got so carried away playing with the Lensbaby lenses I have that I completely forgot about it. I do love the Lensbaby lenses though, they are so much fun, I think I might be becoming addicted. They are different to use, so a bit of a learning curve, I think my MM photo tomorrow will be one taken with them.

Dynamic Range Magazine

Most of the articles are in. We are now editing and working through them. Looks like a great collection once again. We are publishing next month, hopefully around the usual time, but somethings have happened and it may be a little later.

We do have some interesting articles. We have interviewed Lori Nix and got some insight into the way she works and how she comes up with her ideas.  We are also looking at conservation and as photographers what we can do. There is a trip to Africa and some other things. I’ve written a tutorial on how to replace a sky. You will also get the image and a some skies so you can do it yourself.


If you want to make sure that you get the next issue then don’t forget to subscribe. You will automatically be sent the information to download your copy and will get access to it a day before we go live with it.

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I’m trying to work out if I could run small classes for people who want to learn Long Exposure Photography here in Melbourne. The logistics could be interesting, but I think I could work around them.

One thing about Instagram has been how many people I’ve met that are here in my home town. It is starting to make me realise that it would be possible to run some classes here, I just have to find the students.

I am still planning the tutorials on photo editing, but until I get the magazine and book done I’m not sure I will have time for much else.  I am mulling them over in my head and trying to work out exactly what I could teach those that want to learn.

So stay tuned, there will be more on this soon.


There is no question that I am enjoying my time on Instagram.  I am getting opportunities to meet some interesting people. I went out on Saturday morning and met a new person. We took some photos around Docklands, there are a couple here for you.

So the photos, as usual are ones that have been up on Instagram. One you have seen before, but I have done a lot more work to it.

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My head has been spinning for the past couple of weeks, but more on why further on in the post. Things are getting busy, but they always seem to be really. I don’t mind, it is nice to be busy and working hard. I just wish that it would transfer to sales, but I’m working on some things that will hopefully help with that.


Dynamic Range Magazine

The magazine is starting to take shape for the next issue. We have had a few false starts and people pulling out and I’ve had to scramble to find others to write articles. I guess that is the problem with running a magazine and now I have to sort it out.

Speaking of writing, we would still love to hear from anyone who is interested in writing for us. We can’t pay, but if you are starting out then it is a great experience.

Sales still aren’t great, but I am trying to work out how I can sell the magazine using other platforms rather than mostly here. I really need to do a course in marketing and see what I can learn. I’m finding that my time is stretched so thin these days it is hard to give it my full attention. What I need to find is someone who wants to learn about marketing, or a student that can see what they can do. Sadly there is no money to pay anyone.

Remember, if you haven’t purchased your copy here the link to buy it now.


One on One Photography Sessions

I have to say that I’ve had an increase in the number of these in the past few months. It has been great. I do enjoy them a lot and it is nice getting out showing people my Melbourne. I have also met some amazing people as well.  I have a few more coming up in the next few weeks too.

One thing that I really like is the number of people coming whoo want to learn long exposure photography. I have set myself up so I can teach people to how to use the filters, but also so they can use mine if they don’t have their own. It is a great way for people who are curious about doing them to learn how and experiment before spending the money on buying them.

If you are interested in doing a One on One with me go to this link.


Strahan in Tasmania. Looking across Macquarie Harbour to the town.


This is where I have been concentrating a lot of my thoughts this week. Trying to come up with some video tutorials for people to buy from me. I know that people hate that everything is for sale, but I do have to make a living, unfortunately.

I’ve been thinking about what I can do, and one thing I realise is that I don’t want to compete with all the other online tutorials teaching people how to use Photoshop or Lightroom. I am thinking of doing something a bit further advanced. I am still mulling it over, so will discuss it more later on.

I am going to do what I said last week and do one video package and see how that goes before I decide on doing a series.


Sunset behind the Bolte Bridge in Docklands


I’ve been doing a course on how to sell on Instagram. It has been interesting and I do know that I have been putting  a lot of my efforts there. The course has been about how to turn followers in customers, so I will have to see if I can make it happen. I am going to see if I get people buy my tutorials or get me to teach them photo editing. I know I can teach, I just need to find my customers now.

Speaking of Instagram, all the photos are what I have had up there this week and haven’t had here. I have put captions so you can see them. If you want to follow me on Instagram my handle is @leannecolephotography.