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A Shearing Shed

Those of you that have been following me for a long time will have seen what is in today’s image many times. I’m up at the mallee visiting my mother again and to get my car serviced.
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So new theme and lots of teething issues, I have to say if some of the things don’t start working soon I am thinking of giving the theme a one star out of 5. Support would be good and part of the reason for paying for the theme was to get that. They aren’t very good with all of that. I do want to get it sorted as I quite like the theme.
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This week has been a bit all over the place, especially when it comes to images for Instagram. I put up a couple of shots I’ve shown before, but from a while back, so I will show them again here.  Here are the images I have had up in the last week.



I am enjoying playing with software for making videos, Camstasia Studio.  The software can do some many things, and I know I going to buy it, eventually.  I just need to save up the money.  Shame the electricity bill is due.  So today I thought I would take another look at making a video of my processing when doing an image.  I love seeing it all fly past my eyes when it is done.

I don’t know if this worked, I did do some things that I quite liked.  I think sometimes it’s good to just play and not have any expectations when you are doing an image.  Just go with things and just see what happens.  I have watched some of Dave Cross’s instructional videos and he said, you learn how to do things and then you try to work out what else you can apply it too.

I think all of you should play around and see what else you can use the tools for.  It is so easy to just use them as they are meant to be used, but it could be good to try something completely different.  You never know it might make you start working in a completely different way.  Mix things up, experiment a lot more.

I also tried recording the screen while I processed the image.  I have sped it up a lot, maybe too much, but it only goes for just over 30 seconds, so I think that will be okay.

So remember, experiment and see where it gets you when you are trying to process your images.  If you figure anything out that is really cool, then, hey, let me know.  I am always on the look out for new tricks.

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For this weeks Monochrome Madness on my main blog I thought I might try doing an image of a 100 year old shearing shed that I was allowed to take some photos of recently.  It was a great place to take some photos, and of course it is still being used, so it had all the gear still there.


It was great to get this opportunity and a shed like this is perfect for doing monochrome images with.  Though I thought I would do something a little different as well.  I am trialing some software so I can do some video presentations.  I am working my way through this, so the first video I have done is a little rough.  Still not sure what I am doing.

I have done a small video of how I processed this image.  I have sped it up so it goes really fast, but gives you an idea. I have also put some music to it, so if you are somewhere public, you might want to turn the sound down or off.

Shearing Shed Process for MM19

Hopefully it works and you can see it.  I would really like to be able to do more of these.  I think it is a fun way to show how I work.  The software is quite expensive, so I have to get the money together to get it, so if you enjoy what I do and would like help out, there will be a donate button at the bottom of this post.  It would be lovely if you could help me get the money together to buy this software.

If you haven’t seen Monochrome Madness Week 19 and all the entries, then you will have to wait until tomorrow, but they will all be posted over there.

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