The First Take

Yesterday I went for a drive through country Victoria with some friends. We stopped at many places during the day and then traveled on. There was no agenda except to see where we could get to and then to turn around with enough time to get back home. It is a great way to explore and find new places to take photos.

We ended up at an old railway bridge where all that was left were the pylons. I suspect that when the area has lots of water that they are possibly hard to see. I think it is much better like this. I liked the cracked mud and the water worn fence posts. There is a feeling of abandon there, a place just left.

I have tried to do more with the posts and bring them out more so they are main focus rather than the remains of the bridge in the background. I don’t know that you can tell how wet the ground was here, it was very muddy and I almost sank a few times.  I had to laugh at that, nothing like realizing you are getting muddier and muddier.

I have had one attempt at processing and now I’m just putting it out everywhere and thinking about it. Nice to just spend time processing and then leaving it to think about where you want to do next. I like seeing it on the net too, judging what  people’s reactions are to it. I’m afraid I don’t tend to listen to what people, I have to be pleased with it myself.

I will have to spend some time looking at it and decide if I want to do more, leave it as it is or start all over again. You might have to keep tuned in to find out. There are also a lot more photos from the day and I may end up liking one of those far more.



12 Responses

  1. Christine Wilson

    awesome work the post and the bridge look wicked

  2. Cybele Moon

    deliciously dark as Robert C. Fountain would say!!

  3. Wonderful images as always Leanne …

  4. Nice work, must be a dry season. Glad you didn’t totally sink!

  5. Hope you can see this Leanne. Axing, intense work on this image. There is a dark gritty quality to it.

  6. Kaz

    Looks fantastic Leanne 🙂

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