The Six Seasons of My Backyard

The book is now available and can be purchased by one of the following methods:


You can buy the book directly from me.

Cost AUD$55

If you need postage: AUD$75


If you are not in Australia you can purchase it by clicking the following links.



If you would like a signed copy of the book it will cost USD$80 which includes the postage.

Please also note: $5 of the sale of every book will be given the Wurundjeri people to thank them for their help in putting it together.

six-seasons-cover the-six-seasons-of-my-backyard-single-photo-spread the-six-seasons-of-my-backyard-photos-on-both-pages-spread the-six-seasons-of-my-backyard-full-of-photos-spread the-six-seasons-of-my-backyard-chapter-spread the-six-seasons-of-my-backyard-birds-spreadTo order the book, you can order it directly from me, or you can order it at createspace or Amazon.