This One or That One, Decisions

Sometimes you can get two images, or process one two ways and then not decide which is better. Or, as often happens with me, I like one, but everyone else seems to like the other one. I wasn’t sure what to do about this one. It seems on Google+ people like one, but on Facebook they like the other one. So I thought it would be nice to put them both up here and see what you think.

The image is a long exposure I did of the city. I used the Formatt Hitech Firecrest 16 Neutral Density Filter and it was a four minute exposure.

Image 1


I put a brown kind of tone over it and then decided that I didn’t really like it. I thought it made it look dirty.

Image 2


I removed the brown tone and made the centre a little brighter.

I like the second one more as I like the steel look. It is colder and perhaps has a hotter look.

So the choices are there, which one do you like the most.

22 Responses

  1. They both look great but I like number two due to the silver color.

  2. I like number 2 with the pop of colour in the centre. It draws your eyes to it straight away and with the grey tones around it, it looks sureal My 2 bobs worth 🙂 Fantastic image Leanne!

  3. Karen

    Definitely no 2 Leanne it has more detail and brightness, it’s a great shot.

  4. I prefer the second one. The overall tone emphasizes the cool, stark, business-like environment. The brown is too close to red and the apparent warmth is not in line with my interpretation of the landscape.

  5. It’s a tough call. They are both interesting. I’m going with 2. The other tones are too similar to the colour tones in the first one. I like the contrast of the second and the clear focal point. imho

  6. gtonthenet

    I prefer the second image, I think the greys of the sky suit the image better than the sepia tones of the first.

  7. I like both, but prefer the second one.

  8. Elizabeth is right, Leanne! What can you do to solve the problem? LOL

  9. I like the brownish more. It’s more natural in my opinion. the clouds look a bit like there’s a storm front coming up.
    the gray one looks for me like a colorkey, where you left the green trees and the light brown old tower, while desaturation all the other colors. so, it looks odd for me.
    just my 2 cents

    Btw. I like the image! Great work!

  10. Elizabeth Combes

    Both are fantastic 👏

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