Weekend Wanderings: Flood waters and churches

Earlier in the week a friend and I had planned on going to a small town up in the old goldfields of central Victoria. While we got there, it was like three steps forward, one step back. We have been having a lot of rain and I mean a lot, so with that rain has come a lot of flooding. Thankfully, not where I live, but up around the centre and to the north of the state.

As we were trying to get where we wanted to go we ran into a bit of this:


Water over the road. We had to turn around and find another way a few times. We are warned not to drive through it, and we didn’t, well except for the last time. We didn’t have much choice and others were driving through it. Though I don’t know if that van in the water near the bridge got caught out when it was raining, or tried to drive through. It didn’t seem like anyone was in it. We weren’t going to drive up to see.


The Loddon River was overflowing. You can see from the trees, they are normally well out of the water. We had no idea what the white stuff floating on top of the water was. My husband said it was protein foam, someone else said it was phosphorus from fertiliser, which sounds right. The rain washing it into the river. It did make amazing patterns on the top of the water and as the water moved, they changed. It was quite mesmerising.


Part of the reason for the trip was to photograph some churches. We travelled to a town called Tarnagulla that has a heap of churches, but they are all now privately owned, so getting access to them was not possible, but we were able to take photos from the road. This is the Wesley church, lost its roof in some fires in 2000.


We found our way to Newbridge and this Church, which didn’t have any “private property” or “no trespassing” signs. I had the fisheye on here and was enjoying getting lots of funny angles and curves. I like how the fisheye can make a building like this look like a building from an Enid Blyton book. ┬áHas that fairytale appearance.

It was a good day, we didn’t get what we planned, but got some other things, so all good. We hope those in the flood affected areas are okay. We aren’t hearing a lot about it on the news, or maybe I just aren’t seeing it. I’m hoping to get up to my mums soon, but at the moment I can’t go the way I usually do because of them, so hopefully the water will recede before I go.

I have the photos from above and more that I will put into a gallery for you. I hope you are having a good weekend. We are expecting more rain, but hopefully not too much.


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  1. Some very interesting photos here, Leanne. I am partial to the one about churches and have many church photos on my website https://goo.gl/Uu6t44. I’m fascinated by the great number of derelict churches both within Melbourne and country surrounds. How this reflects the vast changes to our culture that have occurred over the past 100 years as people no longer consider church attendance and adherence an important aspect of their lives. For me, this is very sad.

    • I have just been going through them, lots of them there. Australians have never really been that into religion. Well I wasn’t brought up with it and neither was my husband. Perhaps as science becomes more knowledgeable people are turning away, I don’t know. I love the churches too, but I think for different reasons. Thanks Don.

  2. Love love the road shot Leanne .. Wonderful

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