On my other blog today it is all about Monochrome Madness and for it I did an image from Apollo Bay that I took recently on a trip there. I have made it black and white for MM, but I also wanted to put the colour back into it. So I thought I would show the colour version here as well.


I went to Apollo Bay with a new friend Karen and this is one of the places we went to on the first day.

It was such an amazing spot to go. The walk down was good, but the walk back up was a killer. Still it was worth it. The only thing that ruined it was a couple of girls insisting on taking selfies. It is amazing how much people enjoy taking photos of themselves at these things and not really looking at where they are. It was such a beautiful place, but they had their backs to it more.

This is a long exposure, and was several seconds long. I love doing this for waterfalls, though the selfie girls made it very hard.



Over on my other blog it is Monochrome Madness 2-22 and this week is the monthly theme. The theme is Bridges. I love bridges and trying to find a bridge to photograph hasn’t been that hard. I went out one day and photographed something seven. It was great.

I’ve done quite a few images with this particular bridge. I think it is one I want to go back to.


I’ve been working a technique for a while now, something that really seems to work with this type of image. I have to admit at the end of the day I like colour in my images. I don’t mind that the colour is toned down, but I like the hints of colour. You know it is a colour image, but the colour isn’t in your face.

I like the colours, to me they speak very much of the Australian countryside. I might have to do a whole series of these. I have been going up to this area a lot and am collecting quite a few photos. I might have to travel through the area again next week when I go up the Mallee to visit my mother.

If you would like to see lots more bridges then take a look at Monochrome Madness today over on my other blog, MM 2-22: Monochrome Madness Bridges.


Tomorrow’s Monochrome Madness 2-21 was a hard one for me this week. I kept playing around with images and putting them up on social media to see what people thought.

Then I was going through my photos and found another one that I thought might work better. I have converted it to Monochrome, and will include it in my post tomorrow. Then I was looking at it and thought, I wonder what it would look like if I made it colour again.


I had to take out some of the saturation and I’m not sure it really works, but there you have it.


Recently I got to go to a place in country Victoria to explore and while we were there we saw an old railway bridge. The bridge is no longer in use. The area was made into a reservoir and I guess the bridge was too low. Close by there is another railway bridge, but it is much higher.

Something I’ve been doing a lot when I process images is to immediately change them into black and white. I then work on the image as though it will be a black and white image.


I don’t have a problem with how it looks in black and white.  I tried to bring out the brick pylons that were left from the bridge, or what would have held up all the rails, which have been removed. I also did a bit of work in the sky to make it look more stormy.

Then, as I’ve done many times I reversed the process and made it colour again.


Sometimes when you convert it back you can find it looks revolting as the colours are too saturated, or they are changed too much. The bottom half of this image was fine, and I like the colours, but the blues and aquas/cyans in the sky were over saturated. It didn’t take much to pull them down a bit so the sky looked stormy again and not a colour mess.

I was going to leave it there, but then I decided to go back to the black and white image and add a slight tone to it.


I like the warmth of it, but I don’t think this is my favourite version of the image. It does give it another element, but I worry that maybe there is a lack of contrast in it. So I decided to add some more and see how it looked.


I guess the test now is whether or not you can see any difference. I think there is.

It is fun to try one image and do different processes to it.  Each person will have there own ideas of which ones work and which don’t. I like them all, but I think I might like the colour more, but that is me.

I am going to put them in a gallery for you so you can see them better. You can click on the images for a bigger view.

For the Pro Blogger Podcasts I am a bit behind. A trip away for the weekend and access to the internet limited I couldn’t keep up, but hopefully I can over the next few days, so please forgive me if you get a few new posts.

Day 3 was all about promoting yourself, so I thought to do this I would do a new list, much like the previous one, but this time do it on my 5 most popular posts that have been written for this site. I thought it might be a nice way to look back on some of my older posts as well, the ones that have been the mostLeanneCole-Melbourne-CrownCasino-yarra-9993-333x500 popular.

The Most Popular Blog Posts on this Site

I am going to start with 5 and work to number 1.

5 – Some Tips on Photographing the Milky Way

A quick post to give some ideas on how you could photograph the milky way. People think it must be incredibly hard, but really it is fairly easy.

4 – Predicting Sunsets and Sunrises

This post was to help people get an understanding of ways to help predict when they might get a good sunrise or sunset.

3 – Is Night Photography Hard

Many people when they start photography think that night photography is hard, this post was written to give an idea of how easy it can be, and how it isn’t LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9463really that much harder than day time photography.

2 – When the Sky Gives you Blah

Anyone who follows me knows that one thing that I don’t like is a boring skies and that I have a folder full of photos of other skies to use to replace boring ones. This post was why I decided to replace the sky in the image.

1 – The Concept in Conceptual Photography

I wrote this after going to a workshop where a women was teaching us how to do conceptual photography and I thought she didn’t really know what she was talking about. I thought I had a better understanding of it, so I wrote this. It has been the most popular post on this blog by a long way. I guess a lot of people want to know about conceptual photography.

There are my top 5 posts. The links are there too if you would like to go and take a look at them.  The photos for this post were from those posts as well.

Okay before I get started, this is the third time I’ve tried to do this post here, and things keep going wrong. So I am just going to make the list. I think I need to find a new theme, this one has soooo many problems.

We have to create a list today, so I have to think of something. To check out the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog then check out the website Pro Blogger.

My favourite places to take photos around where I live.

1 – Banyule Flats

2 – City of Melbourne

3 – Great Ocean Road

4 – Mallee

5 – Mornington Peninsula

There you are my favourite places. I’m going to add a couple of quick photos.

Nothing has been done on this blog for quite some time, but I’ve decided to try, where I can, to do the 31 day challenge from Pro Blogger. The challenge is designed to help you get a better understanding of why you blog and to help it along.  The challenge is 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. Since this blog has been inactive, I thought perhaps it could be a good one to do the challenge on.

Accompanying the challenge are some podcasts by Darren Rowse that you can listen to and get some ideas. The podcasts give you a better understanding of what you need to do and tips on how to achieve it. It is hoped that you can help your blog be a lot more successful.

The first day is about doing an Elevator Pitch for your blog. The link is there so you can go and listen it to it as well.

We have been given lots of tips on how to do this and now I really need to work out what this blog is going to be about and where I want to take it.

My elevator pitch:

This blog is about fine art photography, how I go about it and what I photograph to make my images. I will write about my experiences, whether they are good or bad. It is also about challenging myself to get out there and just try things to share with you as well as an artist.

Perhaps my tag line could be Fine Art Photography in Action.

Here is an image I took with my phone yesterday along the Black Spur Road on the way to Bonnie Doon. It was a very foggy morning and the challenge was all about trying to capture that fog. So maybe the fogginess is symbolic of what this blog has been like and perhaps the challenge will help me come out of the fog.



Last week I had an opportunity to go out my friend Christine Wilson to take some photos north of Melbourne.  It was going to be a great trip and we were going to see some amazing things, and, of course, take photos.  Well we did see some amazing things, but the sky, well the sky was just horrible.  It was a white sky and really wasn’t good for photography. So what do you do “When the Sky Gives you Blah”.

We headed out past Romsey and Lancefield, making note that we will have to go back there.  then we headed to Emu Flat, a place that seems to be only an old church and an abandoned school.  We could walk around the church, but we had to content ourselves with photographing the school from the other side of the fence. There were two sides, but also trees to contend with.  It wasn’t ideal, but with signs everywhere saying trespassers will be prosecuted, well I didn’t want to take the risk and neither did Christine.


So this is basically the raw image I got.  You can see I was quite a distance, couldn’t get any closer on this side.  You can also see the sky and how terrible it was.  It was so disappointing.

I have all these photos of this place and if I want to process them I am going to have to replace the sky in nearly all of them.  So that is what I did for this one, following a new tutorial I found.


I put a much cloudier sky in the image.  I have done quite a few other things to this as well, besides just the sky.  I did convert it to black and white, and then I converted it back to colour after I had changed things.  I sort of like the saturated feel to it.  I think the sky replacement was a good idea, and though harder because of all the trees, was worth the extra effort.

I am going to post the black and white version on my other blog, and you will be able to see it on my Quiet Thursdays post, I will add the link as soon as I post it.

Just need to remind people that you can comment on this post, and while it doesn’t look like anything happens when you do, it does.  I get all the comments, though it can take me some time to approve and respond to them yet.  I don’t know why this blog is so weird to leave comments on.  I will have to get onto the developers and see what they can work out.

Donating, I do this blog and my other blog to help me and also to help you.  I get no assistance for doing it, so it would be wonderful if you would consider helping me by donating a small amount every now and then, especially if you have been helped by me or learned something from this blog or my other blog. Thank you.


This is going to be a second part to my Weekend Wandering post on my other blog.  I took so many photos of the exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria that there were too many for that blog post.  I am not going to talk about it too much here, but if you want to know more about it then please go to my post, Weekend Wanderings: Gaultier at the National Gallery of Victoria.

I have also done a video of part of the exhibition, and you can see it here

I am hoping to get another up tomorrow as well.

For Monochrome Madness this week I thought I would do a shot I got the other day at the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition that was on at the National Gallery of Victoria.  There were some perfume bottles on top of cases and I thought they would make a great image, so I did Perfumes First in Monochrome and Then in Colour.


I like the monochrome version, but the perfume bottles get a little lost at the top, so I thought it might be better in colour.  I like that reverse processing, so once I was done with the monochrome version I went back and changed it back to colour.


I think this one shows off the perfume bottles a lot more and a lot better.  The cases might be a tad over saturated, but the perfume do look better.  I think you can see the shapes of them much better.

Just need to remind people that you can comment on this post, and while it doesn’t look like anything happens when you do, it does.  I get all the comments, though it can take me some time to approve and respond to them yet.  I don’t know why this blog is so weird to leave comments on.  I will have to get onto the developers and see what they can work out.