Day 2 – 30 Day at Home Challenge

Day 2 – 30 Day at Home Challenge

Welcome to Day 2 of our 30 Day at Home Challenge. It is fun to find things to photograph each day. How are you going at home?

Here is the challenge for day 2.


This is image is from Leanne Irwin and you can find her on her Instagram account, @lmi63.

Can you guess what it is?

 Day 2 – 30 Day at Home Challenge

Joining in

It would be great if you would like to participate in the 30 Day at Home Challenge. If you want to contribute there is a Facebook groupTPM Photos which you can join and share your images. Of course, if you are blogging there is no reason why you can’t post your own. I hope you like this challenge and it helps you to get through the days of self-isolating.

Day 2 – 30 Day at Home Challenge


21 Responses

  1. What is it? Interesting perspective!

  2. Is it a brush for washing dishes?

  3. It’s Day Two of the challenge. Safe to say you haven’t gone stir crazy yet? 🙂

  4. Keith Fincham

    Love your photography Leanne, and love everything Fuji too. The photo of the spaghetti is beautiful, fresh and new. In quarantine in Hong Kong at the moment, I wish we could see when this will end.

    • This wasn’t my photo Keith, it belongs to someone else, but glad to hear the rest about my stuff. Yes, it is the uncertainty that seems to be getting a lot of people. I’m trying not to focus on that aspect, just day to day.

  5. Should I say here…………why not. Spaghetti

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