One on One Photography Lessons

These are individual lessons for learning how to use your camera or improve your photography skills. With one on one photography lessons you decide, with my help, which direction you need to go.  We can do the lessons in the city, or some where else.  They can be done on the weekends, or during the week.  These classes are about you and what you need to learn.

One on One Photography Lessons

sccity-hpm6482-2The One on One Photography Sessions are suitable for people of different levels.  The sessions are great for the following:

* Anyone who wants to learn how to use their DSLR

* People who want to learn how to photograph cities so they can take better travel photos

* Visitors to Melbourne who want help getting great photos of Melbourne

* People coming to Melbourne who would like a photographer to get the images for them and take great photos of them around the city.

scflinders-2299 They are around 3 hours in duration. If you have a friend who would like to do this with you, then I am more than happy for you both to come along, there are prices below for more than one person. Where we go and what we photograph will be determined by you.  I am very flexible and we can work out a time that suits both or all of us. Some suggestions are:

* Take photos of Victorian Architecture, Melbourne has some fantastic examples.

* We could take photos of the city from the river, depending on the time of day you can get some great reflections, early morning, or even best for this sort of photography.

* Melbourne is famous for its lane ways and some of them more famous because of their graffiti. 

* There are the Arcades  wondering through all the old shopping arcades, and seeing the architecture of them.  

* Melbourne has lots of street art and we could wander the streets looking at the various pieces that are all over the city.

* If you want to photograph somewhere else that isn’t in the city, I am happy to help work out how it would be possible.

Just some examples of what we can do.  It really depends on you, and what you are interested in. I have been living in Melbourne for more than 25 years and have been photographing it for nearly as long.  I know Melbourne and I love showing it to people.

Prices, are as follows:

For a 3 hour session 

        • for one person $360

For this kind of workshop, there can be no more than 3.

Packages for single person

        • One session  $360
        • Two Sessions $330 each
        • For 3 or more $300 each

If you are interested then please email me

To view gallery of photos that you might take in the Melbourne, click here.


“Thank you Leanne for a great day spent together. I learnt so much about my camera and photography from you. Your keen eye for detail and patience helped me greatly all the while having fun. I am looking forward to doing another one on one photography day with you. You have given me so much confidence behind the camera.” – Sadhna


A Walk through Leanne Cole’s Blog Our guided tour and photography lesson with Leanne Cole was a highlight of our visit to Australia. She welcomed us, made us feel comfortable, and adjusted our tour to meet our needs and interests. niaIn addition to listening to us, customizing our tour, providing photography instruction when asked, and taking beautiful photos of me and my husband for us, Leanne provided an architecture and cultural history of Melbourne. Having the insights of such an informed and interesting local artist enhanced our tourist experience and left us with wonderful memories and more cultural understanding. The tour also oriented us to the city and we felt confident enough to navigate to a local’s place that evening to enjoy our kind of dinner. A lovely ending to a personalized and full, yet relaxing day.” – Nia Simone from California