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It has to be said that one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Healesville Sanctuary was to use the Lensbaby Velvet 56 on the flora that I knew would be there. The sanctuary is an Australian zoo and is full of animals that are indigenous here, and with that lots of native plants. If you want to see lots of what is Australian, it is a good place to head.

Yesterday I showed you the animals I photographed while there, and today I have the plants. The beauty of the Velvet 56 from Lensbaby is that you can do both macro and normal photography. You seem to have to be careful with the aperture and use it to your benefit. I’m slowly starting to understand it all.

I wish I could tell you what all these are, but I don’t know. There are some wattles, the round yellow ball flowers, then the spirally ones are usually grevilleas, there is some bottle brush, but the rest, not sure about. They are quite amazing and I hope you enjoy looking at them.

My weekend is almost over and there is much to do this coming week. I hope you had a good weekend, or are still enjoying it. Spring is almost here in Melbourne and there is a definite change in the air. I hope where you are is nice and you have been out enjoying it.