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This is going to be brief, I have had a very big day on not much sleep from last night, but I wanted to share with you some of the photos and to let you know I arrived.

We caught the Spirit of Tasmania last night and drove the car onto it. Interesting way to travel, on a ship. Sleeping was also different, the constant rocking and rolling. I liked it, but I didn’t really get much sleep.


This was us mucking around as we waited to drive on the ship with the car.

Having the car is fantastic, and gives us so much more freedom. At this time of the year it was much cheaper to put the car on the ship than to fly and hire a car.


We stopped at a a few places along the way, like Mt Roland that had a head of clouds on it.


Not everything was as we wanted, but it was a great day. Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake were on the list of things to do today and we were not disappointed.

The sky has been very overcast and we got lots of clouds on the mountains. We did the circuit walk around Dove Lake and really enjoyed that, well most of it, except maybe the massive hill and steps near the beginning of the walk. If you ever go then I suggest doing the walk in the anti clockwise direction. Get the big hill over and done with at the start and then enjoy the rest of the walk.


Some lovely areas to take photos of.

We are now in Queenstown and looking forward to exploring around here tomorrow.

I am totally stuffed now, and while it was a good day I’m looking forward to some sleep tonight.  Here is a gallery with the above images and a few more for you.


Car Boot Photography

Recently, I’ve been talking about this quite a bit, car boot photography.  It is something that I really enjoy doing, and something I have to thank Moose Peterson for introducing me to.  apollo-bay-sunrise-harbour-boats-1

It is an interesting idea and something that really suits the type of photography that I like to do.  So what is it?

I should also explain that in Australia the back part of the car where you put your luggage is called a boot, in other countries it is referred to as a trunk. So basically Car Boot Photography is taking photos from the boot of your car, well sort of.

When I used to go out and take photos I would take everything I needed in one bag, which meant that since I would have to carry the bag, I wouldn’t take too much stuff.  The downside to this is if you are out and realise that you could have done with a different lens, then too bad, you don’t have it with you.

I have two Tamrac camera bags, a big one, the Expedition 7x, and a smaller one, the Aero Speed Pack 75.  They are both great bags, but one is too big for carrying around all the time, the other too small.  So now I take most of my gear in the Expedition 7x, but I also take the Aero Pack.  I leave the larger bag with things that I’m not sure I will need in the boot, and take the smaller bag with camera, spare lens and any filters I might need.  If I am out taking a photo, then I know I don’t have to go far to get another lens, or something else from the bag.


When I went to the harbour in Apollo Bay, I was using my 24-70mm and then thought it would be nice to use the 80-200mm, but it was in the other bag, so I just went back to the car got it, and then continued taking photos with it.  A couple of months ago I would have stood at the harbour and been disappointed that I hadn’t brought it with me.

I think I really like car boot photography, it also means that you take photos that aren’t too far from the car.  So driving somewhere, stopping, taking photos, than driving somewhere else.  You can’t always get access past a public road, but you can take photos of things from the road.  In Australia you can take photos from public areas of private places, as long as you are on public land.  I think most of my photography is probably this sort.

Do you do any car boot photography?

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