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While blogging every day has been great to do again, finding stuff to post hasn’t been as easy. I’m trying to write some new posts, and hoped to have one done for today, but it didn’t happen. However, as I was looking through older posts I found this. It is one from July 2015. It is a relevant one for me right now, so it was good reposting this UfD post about photographing with company.
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There seems to be this idea that if you are a serious photographer that you should go out on your own to take photos. I have never believed this or thought I was any less of a photographer because I don’t like doing that. It’s not that I don’t, I just prefer to have friends when I do. There are a few reasons for wanting to have people with you when you go out and here are 5.
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A very quick look this week. I have to get ready to head into the city, it is my daughters graduation and I suppose as a parent I need to go to it. She is very excited. It is also a little sad as it means the end of her childhood, so to speak. Time for her to head out into the wide world. Find her place in it and all that.

I’ve had a trip away and a couple of the photos have been from that. I’ve also got the image that I had in Monochrome Madness last week, but this is the colour version.  I hope you don’t mind, but thought I would show the silos again as well.