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The Artist Statement, along with my own

This seemed like a good place to begin and discuss what an artist statement is and how I can write one for my own work. You often hear people talking about them and just dismissing them, but I think if you are an artist then you need to know what it is you are making work […]

Weekend Wanderings: Hunting Pokemon in the City

Yes, that is correct. I’m not playing it, but my husband is. It is funny how he is very keen to come out with me when I want to take photos now that he is playing the Pokemon Go game. We wondered around the city until just after dark so he could catch and fight […]


Christmas Bells in Monochrome and a Bit Extra

Over on my other blog it is Monochrome Madness MM 2-35 and for the month of December it is all about Christmas with a different theme each week.  This week it was bells. I wasn’t sure what to do and while I don’t think they had to be Christmas Bells I did have an image […]