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It has now been a week since I did the last post on the photos I’ve had up on Instagram.  I have to say it has been an interesting week. I plan on doing this each week so you can see the photos that I put up there that wouldn’t normally be put on here. Some of the photos that I put up on Instagram I won’t show in these posts because they have already been on here.

This is a short post, so let’s just look at the photos.

[envira-gallery id=”2865″]


For the image that I did today for Monochrome Madness 37 I thought I might go back into the processing and see what the image would look like if I changed it back to a colour image.


It is almost like doing in reverse.  Usually you have the colour image first, but I have to say I quite like how this turned out.  It is quite surreal. The smooth water really makes the image, though it was so choppy that I am so surprised that I was able to get it like this.

I still like the monochrome, and am really happy with that one, but I also like this too.   I like them for different reasons.  You can make up your own mind.

Don’t forget to to Monochrome Madness 37 and check out all the other fantastic images that are there and then take a look at all the blog and links.