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This weeks weekend wanderings was hard to name. After being to a few places I didn’t know what to call it. There and back again came to mind, then again from one place to another, but in the end settled on from here to there, which pretty much described the day. I went out with a friend and first we went to a waterfall, then to a viaduct railway bridge and finally to an old railway bridge that is no longer used. None of the places were new to use, but they were all so different to previous visits.

Turpins Falls

I’ve been to this waterfall many times. I’ve been when I thought the flow was good, then again a few months back when it was terrible. We have had a lot of rain recently so when Chris Wilson suggested going there it seemed like a good idea. We weren’t disappointed with the flow, that’s for sure.

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It was disappointing with the sun beating down on it directly. Though the weather turned almost straight away after we left, maybe we should have hung around for another half an hour.


The last time Chris and I had been there it was a beautiful winters day. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, unfortunately. We had both wanted to find the viaduct railway bridge and do some long exposures, but with no clouds, there was no point. It was a bit disappointing, still we did get some nice photos of the bridge reflected in the water.

This time as we got closer to Malmsbury the clouds rolled in and kept rolling in. There were so many clouds and it was so overcast that long exposures were out of the question again. If the sky is full of clouds and not much blue long exposures can look just white, almost pointless. I did try a couple, but they really didn’t work. Still the clouds were great and I enjoyed the moodiness they created in the images.

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After the bridge we went into the park there. There were some geese running around there. I do love geese. I think they are great fun. I tried to get photos and wanted to see how close they would let me get.

After the park we went to the bakery and had a quick lunch before heading to our next stop.

Cairn Curran Reservoir

The last place we went to was the Cairn Curran Reservoir near Newstead. We went there last year and visited this old disused railway bridge, that most of last century was under water. When we went that time the area around it was all mud and we couldn’t get close the river or we sank in the mud.

This time we had thought it would be much the same, but were shocked to find that it was completely overgrown with vegetation and we could get very close to the river. The ground was hard enough to walk on.

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The photos were so different to last time.


It is amazing how much a place can change from year to year. It is always worth going back to see what has changed and what photographs you can get. In all three places we got something completely different to previous visits. I hope you go back to previous places to see how much they have changed.