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Reversing a Monochrome Image to Colour Again

Tomorrow’s Monochrome Madness 2-21 was a hard one for me this week. I kept playing around with images and putting them up on social media to see what people thought. Then I was going through my photos and found another one that I thought might work better. I have converted it to Monochrome, and will […]


When the Sky Gives you Blah

Last week I had an opportunity to go out my friend Christine Wilson to take some photos north of Melbourne.  It was going to be a great trip and we were going to see some amazing things, and, of course, take photos.  Well we did see some amazing things, but the sky, well the sky […]

Perfumes First in Monochrome and Then in Colour

For Monochrome Madness this week I thought I would do a shot I got the other day at the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition that was on at the National Gallery of Victoria.  There were some perfume bottles on top of cases and I thought they would make a great image, so I did Perfumes First in […]