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Before we left for Tasmania we knew we had two days to spend in Port Arthur. We had planned all along to go to the Port Arthur Historical Site, but that still left a day with nothing to do. While researching things to do in Port Arthur we found information on the Tasman Island boat cruise run by Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. It wasn’t the first boat cruise I have done with them, last year I did one around Bruny Island which was fantastic. We booked in to do the cruise the first full day we were in Port Arthur. So glad we did as the following day rained on and off all day.
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While in Hobart I had an opportunity to go out with my friend Fi to do a sunrise. She knew a good place to go, so she picked me up and took me down to the harbour. It was so surprising as we actually got a sunrise, and a beautiful one. It lasted for quite a while so I was able to get a few different positions.
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It is the beginning of the month again and here we go with our monochrome madness theme. It has been great seeing all the different interpretations.

Time to work out what the next theme will be, for the first week of December, I think Square.


My photo for the travel theme. It was taken while I was traveling last year in the US. I liked the old truck, that also could mean travel. A travel photo of travel, perhaps. This was in the ghost town  of Bodie in California.

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This is going to be brief, I have had a very big day on not much sleep from last night, but I wanted to share with you some of the photos and to let you know I arrived.

We caught the Spirit of Tasmania last night and drove the car onto it. Interesting way to travel, on a ship. Sleeping was also different, the constant rocking and rolling. I liked it, but I didn’t really get much sleep.


This was us mucking around as we waited to drive on the ship with the car.

Having the car is fantastic, and gives us so much more freedom. At this time of the year it was much cheaper to put the car on the ship than to fly and hire a car.


We stopped at a a few places along the way, like Mt Roland that had a head of clouds on it.


Not everything was as we wanted, but it was a great day. Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake were on the list of things to do today and we were not disappointed.

The sky has been very overcast and we got lots of clouds on the mountains. We did the circuit walk around Dove Lake and really enjoyed that, well most of it, except maybe the massive hill and steps near the beginning of the walk. If you ever go then I suggest doing the walk in the anti clockwise direction. Get the big hill over and done with at the start and then enjoy the rest of the walk.


Some lovely areas to take photos of.

We are now in Queenstown and looking forward to exploring around here tomorrow.

I am totally stuffed now, and while it was a good day I’m looking forward to some sleep tonight.  Here is a gallery with the above images and a few more for you.


A Travel Wishlist

You all seemed to enjoy the wishlist game last week, so I thought since I’m heading to Tasmania today we could play the game again, but look at travel.

So what is your travel wishlist?

Mine, mmm, not a big list for me, but I do have three places that I would absolutely love to go to, one day.

United Kingdom

I love the look of English villages, the old buildings, and countryside. Midsomer Murders has got me wanting to go. Not too mention the English Moors, I’ve wanted to go there ever since I read Wuthering Heights. My family has some Scottish History there, well I’m first generation on one side, so I would like to explore Scotland. The movie Highlander has made me want to explore the Highlands, a must see for me.  Ireland too, I want to go there too.


No movie has made me want to go there, but there is something about the vastness of the place, and I would love to explore it. I keep seeing incredible images on the internet and it seems like a place I would like to see.

New Zealand

From Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, I want to visit. It is probably the most realistic one for me. It is the closest and the airfares aren’t too bad, so you never know.

Then again I might go somewhere completely different.

So where will you go? Why do you want to go there?

I am not going to be able to respond to comments for a while, and not sure what internet I will have access to for the next couple of days. Please be patient and know that as soon as I can I will approve your comments.

Tasmania here I come, I’m really looking forward to it, though first I better pack.