Workshops and Services

apollo-bay-funghi-rainforest-monochromeI have several Workshops and Services that are all designed to help you learn photography and how to use your camera to its best capabilities.

One on One Photography Lessons

If you are looking for something more private, or more suited to your individual needs then One on One Photography Lessons could be perfect for you.  They are for 4 hours, and you can book as many as you need.  For more information go to my One on One Photography Lessons page.

Online Photography and Editing Classesnyahwest-salt-lakes-towanplains-workshop426

If you can’t get to Melbourne, but would like to still learn from me, then I offer an Online Photography  and Editing Classes. A group of lessons that is done using Skype, and me sending you exercises to help you learn the principles of photography. For more information then please go to my Online Photography and Editing Classes page.

Social Snappers Photography Excursions for Women

laurent-melbourne-littlecollins-building-monochromeExcursions that have been set up for women to go out and take photos, but also for socialising.  For women who want to take photos, but don’t like doing it on their own, or don’t know where to go, then this is perfect for you.  For more information go to

Terms and Conditions

There are always terms and conditions, so please go to the Terms and Conditions Page.