1. I love your macro photos. I bought a strumen HD macro lens for my phone but have no idea what I’m doing as I have to get so close to get flower in focus I hardly get any of the flower in the actual photo. Pretty ignorant though when it comes to photography. I saw you once did a class at Allowyn gardens my favourite place with strumen macro lenses do u ever run that now as I would be interested. I mainly bought it as I paint and use photos as reference. Thank Donna

    1. Thank you Donna. The macro lens from Stuman does get you very close, and I think if you don’t want to get that close you should be able to just use your phone for the whole flower. The lens on your phone takes practice, I’ve found that as well. I love going to Allowyn gardens and was meant to do a class at the beginning of the year but it fell through. Not sure I will be running any more classes there. I will have to ask. I love painting too but haven’t done any for years. Sounds lovely.

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