Instagram Look at the Kinglake National Park

Instagram Look at the Kinglake National Park

Yesterday, I went to Kinglake National Park with a friend. It was an interesting trip, and while I had my DSLR to use, she was using her iphone.  I have to say it didn’t diminish the trip in the slightest.  In fact, when I saw how close she could get to some things, I took out my phone and started taking some photos.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

I often go out with just my phone to challenge myself and see what I can get.  It isn’t the same sort of photography, it is different and the challenges are different. I like the apps that come with the phone too, like Snapseed. There are other things to play with.  My phone will never replace my DSLR, but I like the challenge of using the phone.

I am just going to put some of my Instagram photos into a gallery for you now.  They aren’t all great, and there is always limitations, but it is good to try.

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