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This is a repost of sorts, though more a redo. Today’s U4D post was written a few years ago, when people wanted more information on how to do images in monochrome. I have redone it and hopefully updated it some.
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Images in Pieces

Getting images made into a jigsaw is great, especially if you like jigsaw puzzles. To see your images in pieces is extraordinary and something I’ve wanted to do for some time.
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While blogging every day has been great to do again, finding stuff to post hasn’t been as easy. I’m trying to write some new posts, and hoped to have one done for today, but it didn’t happen. However, as I was looking through older posts I found this. It is one from July 2015. It is a relevant one for me right now, so it was good reposting this UfD post about photographing with company.
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