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Finding something new to photograph

After the revelations of the other day, it may not come as any surprise that I am a bit bored with what I have been taking photos of. I really need to start finding something new to photograph.

It is something that I have thought about for some time. Though the feelings I talked about in my last post should be an indication of why some of that might be happening.

I suspect that part of it is also because of the weather. Summer is horrible for taking photos. The harsh light drives me crazy. I know I have talked about this before.

I am also bored with the city I think. Or perhaps the city along the river. I always seem to be taking photos of the same things in the same places.

I need to start finding some new subjects. I am not sure where yet, but it is something I need to think about. I want to challenge myself more.

This is a photo of the Seafarers Bridge, and not a new subject. I have no idea how many times I have taken photos of it. Way too many to count.

One thing I have been doing is playing around with my processing and seeing what else I can do and learn.


Photo challenge number 13 would have to be one of those ones that is loved by nearly all photographers. Who doesn’t love piers? I know I will drive a long way to be able to get photos of them if they are beautiful, falling apart, or just because they are there.
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