Reusing the kitchen sink

Reusing the kitchen sink

Okay so maybe not reusing the kitchen sink completely, but I have been thinking about how much waste I produce with washing dishes.

Continuing on with the discussion a week or so back when I was discussing how I was trying to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. Today I want to talk about the kitchen sink, or rather what I use to wash the dishes.

I know I did that blog, Plastic in the world, looking at reducing how much plastic I use, but it is really about waste and what ends up in the rubbish bin. I’m trying to really reduce that.

Kitchen dishcloths

For a number of years, I used sponges in the sink, but a few years back I got into using Chux cloths. They are great, both things, but eventually they get horrible and you have to throw them away. You have to take lots of precautions if you want them to last longer too.

I don’t know, I just got sick of both. There had to be a better way. It was having to throw them away when finished that I had a problem with.

Then I had a brilliant idea. Well, I thought it was. Why don’t I buy real dishcloths, like the ones my mother had when I was growing up. The idea was to buy enough that I use it for one day and then chuck it in the washing machine to be washed and then reused. Getting cloths and reusing them would stop all that waste.

The search

I began googling to see what I could find and ended up on the Flora&Fauna website. This is the place for Vegan, Ethical and Cruelty free products. Here is a link to the website. I have purchased other things from them and will do posts on them at some stage.

They had some great ones that were biodegradable and machine washable. It looked like they were exactly what I needed. So I bought 10 of them. Maybe a bit a pricey, but you know, sometimes you can’t think about that. I’m lucky in that we are in a position that I can just buy things like this.

I am going to give the link to the ones I bought now, here it is, or click here.

Reusing the kitchen sink

You can see the five patterns I got above. I got two lots of five, but couldn’t be bothered picking 10 different patterns. I think these are fun.

So far they are working out well. I’ve used them for three days and each night I chuck the one from that day into the washing machine to be washed when I wash next. I guess time will tell if they were worth it, but fingers crossed, they will be great in the kitchen and no more waste.

Reusing the kitchen sink

None of the links are affiliate links, so I don’t get anything if you purchase from them. I just think they are a great site and want to support them.

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  1. Is it lac of reuse or plastic that’s the problem? I reuse my toothbrushes to clean hard to get at corners like my keyboards, or the areas around the dials on the back of my cameras. But eventually the brush is not even good enough for that. Ans then, when I throw it away, maybe it will last in the oceans for a milliion years. No amount of reuse will help there. I guess we have to really consider how long the material we use is going to last in the environment (as well as the cost of making it). Sorry, it is so very elementary and everyone known it, but I worry about it.

    1. It is a few things, like the amount that is put into landfill, or the amount of plastic that ends in the ocean. How they aren’t doing enough recycling. It isn’t just one thing. I use bamboo toothbrushes, so the handle can go into compost. Apparently it is amazing how many toothbrushes are thrown away each year. That is it exactly, we really need to think about what we use and the effect it has. You don’t need to apologise, you aren’t alone in being worried. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I bought unbleached linen dishcloths. Just wash when needed. They have lasted around 3 years before needing a bit if re-edging. The one that is too far gone for the kitchen has now been put to use in the shed. Once it has gone too far there, into the compost.

    1. Unbleached sound good and lasting 3 years is fantastic. I really like the idea of these. Thank you so much for sharing that.

    1. Yeah, it is hard isn’t it. So much waste, we really have become a disposable society or world. You’re welcome Cornelia, I hope you enjoy looking around there.

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