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Photos from the Past

One of the things that I have really been enjoying has been looking at photos that were done a while ago. Being fairly new to Instagram, or should I say being more serious about it has meant that I am always looking for images, and going through old ones has been great. I get to […]


Seafarers Bridge over the Yarra

In Melbourne there are many bridges that allow you to cross the river. Some are for cars, and many for pedestrians and bicycles. One bridge that is one of my favourites to photograph is the Seafarers Bridge where it goes over the Yarra. One ViewThe things that go over are like ribs of a ship […]


Trying More Black and White Photography

This week is Monochrome Madness over on my main blog, so today I have been trying more black and white photography, trying to find a good image for MM35 on LCP Blog.  I went to the Black Spur, which is a rainforest area on the road between Healesville and Marysville in Victoria,  last week with […]