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A bit of a catch up

It has been a busy week and the rest of it looks like it is going to be even busier. That isn’t a bad thing, but it does make me feel like I’m chasing my tail, well if I had one. Still some plans are being made.
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It has been a bit of an all over the place week. I’m trying to get more articles written for dPS and I need to get work done on the magazine.

Dynamic Range Magazine

I need to get to work on it. The problem has been not knowing what I was going to write about. I have finally done that and we are going to be introducing a tutorial for this issue. I think perhaps one on replacing skies. A few have said they would like to learn how to do that, so it seems like a good choice for my first tutorial in the magazine.

My course

I’ve been talking about doing a course for people to learn and I’ve never been keen to just teach what I do. Then people will just do what I do, but I have decided to do it in a round about way and do a course on how you can develop your own style. Taking photos and processing them. I might call it something like the Fine Art Way. I don’t know, but they are my thoughts so far.

Instagram Photos

I am just going to show the photos I’ve had up on Instagram this week. Most I have already shown you, but not these three.

Bolte Bridge, Docklands. I used this image for MM, but it was monochrome.
An image taken down Duckboard Place, a lane in Melbourne
Turpins Falls