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Last week I had an opportunity to go out my friend Christine Wilson to take some photos north of Melbourne.  It was going to be a great trip and we were going to see some amazing things, and, of course, take photos.  Well we did see some amazing things, but the sky, well the sky was just horrible.  It was a white sky and really wasn’t good for photography. So what do you do “When the Sky Gives you Blah”.

We headed out past Romsey and Lancefield, making note that we will have to go back there.  then we headed to Emu Flat, a place that seems to be only an old church and an abandoned school.  We could walk around the church, but we had to content ourselves with photographing the school from the other side of the fence. There were two sides, but also trees to contend with.  It wasn’t ideal, but with signs everywhere saying trespassers will be prosecuted, well I didn’t want to take the risk and neither did Christine.


So this is basically the raw image I got.  You can see I was quite a distance, couldn’t get any closer on this side.  You can also see the sky and how terrible it was.  It was so disappointing.

I have all these photos of this place and if I want to process them I am going to have to replace the sky in nearly all of them.  So that is what I did for this one, following a new tutorial I found.


I put a much cloudier sky in the image.  I have done quite a few other things to this as well, besides just the sky.  I did convert it to black and white, and then I converted it back to colour after I had changed things.  I sort of like the saturated feel to it.  I think the sky replacement was a good idea, and though harder because of all the trees, was worth the extra effort.

I am going to post the black and white version on my other blog, and you will be able to see it on my Quiet Thursdays post, I will add the link as soon as I post it.

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