Looking back an older Weekend Wanderings post. It is one that I did just after doing a tour Parliament House. I hope you are okay with that, I haven’t been out much and when I have it has been for very specific photos. I need to just get out.

The Original Post

In Melbourne there is a gorgeous building at the top of Bourke Street and in Spring Street. It is one of the best examples of Victorian Architecture here. If you love architecture it should be a must on your ‘to see’ list. They do regular tours every day, well all the days that Parliament don’t sit, but they also do some special architecture tours.

Just over a week ago they had one so a friend and I decided to go. I’ve done it before, but it was when I had my old camera with the cropped sensor. Now that I have the Nikon D800 I knew the full frame would give really wide shots with the Nikon 14-28mm lens. I shot the whole building with that lens. You can’t take your bag with you, so you have to decide on one lens.

The tour was amazing, and with only four of us on it, it meant I could get photos a lot easier. Actually I was the only one on the tour that was taking photos. You get access to some great places that you wouldn’t see on the other tour. I loved it also because it is all about the building and what makes it special.

I’m going to put some captions under the photos, but if you really want to know about Parliament House then I suggest you do one of the tours that they have. For more information on them go to this link, Parliament House Architectural Tours.¬†They are run once a month and you need to book, but they are free, so no excuse really. There are two more left for this year.

I will leave you with a gallery now. I hope you have some great things planned for the weekend. I think I am going to put my head down and get on with some writing. I really need to get ahead with that.