The Social Snappers Photography Excursions for Women

LeanneCole-Melbourne-CrownCasino-yarra-9993Last week I started the Social Snappers.  It seemed like a great idea to get small groups of people together to go out and take photos together.  I also thought it would be a great idea for women.  An opportunity to get out and take photos with other women and socialise with like minded people.  I know there are lots of women who love photography, but don’t like going out on their own or don’t feel safe on their own.

I have lots of trips planned with places both in the city and out of the city.  I thought I would start with two groups, a Sunday afternoon session and then one on Tuesday mornings.  If it takes off I do hope that I will be able to offer more and more.

The groups are small and there will be no more than 8 in each excursion, the focus will always be on photography and it is easier for smaller groups to get the photos they want to take.

leannecole-banyuleflats-20140525-9485While I will be with the group and I know how to take photos, I am not there as a teacher, my role will be more to facilitate and get the group to where we want to take photos. Though, I am also there to give advice.  I don’t mind advising, like what aperture to use, or if you can’t get your camera to do something, I might be able to help. If you normally use your camera on auto, then for these you should keep doing that.  If you want to take your camera off auto, then you should look at doing my Practical Photography course in Eltham, or do a One on One with me.

As this is social as well as photographic, what camera you have for most of these won’t matter.  It will only be hard if you are using a point and shoot when we are doing things like night photography.

I hope I hear from lots of you who would like to join me for a Social Snappers Photography Excursion.  If you want to find out more about the Social Snappers and the excursions planned, then go to the page Social Snappers Photography Excursions on this site.

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