Earlier in the week I received an email to tell me that my application for accreditation to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show was accepted. I’m looking forward to spending some time there, for photography, and also to get some ideas for my own garden. I thought today I might take a look at previous visits from the last couple of years. I’m going to repost a blog from 2015. 
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It seems to be a long month, well long for the themes, as the next one is still two weeks away. I gather this theme isn’t very popular as I haven’t been getting many submissions for it. I do have trouble from time to time working out what we should do for the themes. Always happy to get help with them.
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Last weekend was Labour Day for Victoria and on Monday in the early hours of the morning the luxury liner, the Queen Victoria arrived in Melbourne. I was lucky to be invited to go aboard with a small group of people and be given a guided tour of the public spaces. It was also great meeting some of the staff and being shown around by Ludwig and Ant.

I was there for a special presentation to the Commodore of the Cunard lines. I’ve been involved in a project that encourages kids with cameras for a few years now and am often asked to judge photos for it. They were doing the presentation and I was asked to come along and take photos of it, but I was also able to go on the tour and take photos.
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Last weekend I did something that I have sort of done before, but not really. I did a fashion shoot. I’ve done some of my own, but quite a few years ago. This was completely different as I was just the photographer.

My friend Yvette is studying Visual Merchandising and she had to put together a fashion shoot for one of her assignments. She had to find her own photographer, me as it turned out, then she had to find a model, and a hair and make up stylist. She had to work out what the model would wear and then source all the clothing. On top of that she had to work out where the photos would be taken.
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It doesn’t seem to matter how much I tell myself at the beginning of the week that I will get onto this early, other things always seem to get in the way.  It has been a quiet week for everyone, so it seems, so not a lot to look at, but still great images.

Our next theme is culture, and that can be yours, other peoples, anything really. For example in Melbourne there is a massive coffee culture, so I would probably do something with that. 
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Last week Benro Australia had an event at the Queen Victoria Night Market. I was excited to go and being an ambassador for Benro Australia it was something that would be good to do. I find situations like these quite hard, but being one of the ambassadors meant I had to lead, I can do that.

Queen Victoria market is big in Melbourne, but usually during the day. During the week there are fruit and vegies, Saturday as well. On Sundays they sell the stuff that many places sell, all the cheap stuff. During summer they do a night market where there are food stalls everywhere. It is really interesting to go. There are so many options for food. Lots of street food, and very yummy.
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