Weekend Wanderings: Silo Art Trail

In the past I have shown you photos of the silos that they are painting up in the Wimmera/Mallee areas where my mother lives. It is all part of getting people up there and so far it seems to be working. The idea is to create a Silo Art Trail.

They have completed three so far, with another three set to also be painted. the most recent one was finished last Thursday. Lucky for me I was up there, at least, it was my intention to be there when it was finished so I could be among the first to capture it.

Let’s take a look at the ones done so far.


These silos were completed about 12 months ago and were painted by the artist Guido van Helten, from Queensland. The four figures on the silos are local people.

They have been very popular and there always seems to be people stopping to take a look at them.




Fintan​ Magee​ painted the portrait of local Nick Hulland on the Patchewollock silo. This is a small town on the way to no where really, but it has some great things in it to photograph and I love going there.

Sheep Hills

You could be mistaken for missing Sheep Hills, there is almost nothing there, especially no public amenities, however it is where the last lot of silos were painted. For these Melbourne street artist Adnate was commissioned to produce some portraits on it. Adnate does a lot of indigenous portraits around Melbourne and anyone who loves street art knows his work. I was lucky and got to meet him a couple of times.

Three remaining silos

Three more have been commissioned. I don’t know who the artists will, but I do know which ones they are going to paint. The next one to be painted is in Rupanyup and the painting will start in March. The other two that will be painted later on are Lascelles and Rosebery. I’m looking forward to getting up there and seeing them when they are finished.

To finish off here is a map of Victoria and you can see where the Wimmera and Mallee are.

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  1. Royce Jowett

    Hi Leanne, Rupanyup is now complete and also Coonalpyn in South Australia has been completed by Guido Van Helton. Time for you to take a trip and update your photo gallery, haha

    • Hello Royce, I have heard the Rupanyup one was finished, but have heard of the other one. I’m trying to organise a trip up to my mothers, and when I can I will photograph the Rupanyup ones. Thanks Royce.

  2. john hudson

    Great photos Leanne of the silos.It’s made my wife and I to load up the motorhome and go see for ourselves.THANKS

  3. Sheep Hills: Am I the only one seeing two giant USB sticks standing upright and glued together? 😀

  4. Peter Gabryniak

    Hi Leanne sorry for my post as l was just doing a search on the artwork on the silos and saw your photos did not know l was on your web page so sorry for posting my question as l should had read first.
    Love the photos happy new year.

  5. Peter Gabryniak

    Love the photos you took Leanne and the black background was that with post production? best time to take the photos? Sorry for the questions as hope to make a trip from Melbourne next week and any photo tips would be appreciated. Best wishes for 2017

  6. I’m excited to learn that Rupanyup will have its silos painted. My mum was born and bred there and I always go that way to Adelaide – Bendigo, St Arnaud, Horsham. A silo art trail is a brilliant idea and will be good for the towns.

    • Yes, they start in March, so I’ve been told, no idea who is doing them though. I only just visited there for the first time recently. It is a brilliant idea. it will really make the area great for tourism.

  7. These are really amazing. We have tons of murals on our brick walls in Woodlake and Exeter. They really dress up the towns. But silos are round and seem much more difficult to paint on. I love the topics of famous people, too. It helps people learn their culture. 🙂

  8. Such clever artists .. Thanks for sharing Leanne 😃

  9. You did an outstanding job showcasing these silos and the stunning art on them. Brilliant.

  10. The skill to work on such a grand scale is very impressive.

  11. What fantastic artwork. I find it incredible that this artists has the grand scale vision and can create such striking painting on rounded surfaces.

  12. A brilliant idea. Thanks for “the trip”.

  13. I always find it fascinating that the artists can maintain the proper proportions when creating works of such scale. Wonderful work….

  14. Your amazing photos demonstrate how artist can add color and cheer even to the most mundane structures. I remember well your great posts on the use of graffiti a couple of months ago.

  15. These are wonderful pieces of work. Thanks for showing them.

  16. Wow – these are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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