Not so silent Sunday – Making some changes again

I feel like, sometimes, that I keep doing this. However, I do feel like I have to change things.

I was hoping to keep up with the blogging, but I feel like I’m bogged down with it. Maybe not completely, I think my reasons for blogging was all about getting attention and maybe being able to work with companies, but I do feel that some of those said companies are taking advantage of me. I get to use their products for a couple of weeks, if that, then I advertise it, but what do I get in return. It isn’t like I make money from this, in fact I earn nothing.

So I have to ask myself if I really want to keep doing the reviews and such and get nothing back. My husband said they are exploiting me. If they were serious maybe they would throw me some stuff from time to time, but that never happens.

I want to take some time off from it all. That doesn’t mean you won’t see me, but I will be posting sporadically. At least for the next couple of months and then I will decide. So it is going to be casual from now on. I hope that is okay with you all.  I’m not disappearing completely but the routine will be gone and I will post when I feel like it.

I hope you enjoy these images from 2017. I think I need to get back to doing images like this again. So for now, I will say bye, and see ya soon.

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  1. Sometimes changes are necessary for our growth. Maybe they will turn out the best for you. Don’t worry about your blog. You can always come back to it. It’s not going anywhere. Take your time. Do whatever you feel like. You are in your own charge. If you feel people are exploiting you, turn them down. If you want to continue this, maybe make some rules like getting their products time to time or getting commission or something like that.

  2. Good for you — we all need to rethink every now & then, step away from the auto-pilot and ask ourselves: Who am I now? What nourishes me now? What will feed me with fresh energy now?

  3. Leanne, I was thinking that you might publish videologues of your favorite places. For example, my favorite vlogger on YouTube travels the backroads of America making videos of small towns and abandoned places that have not changed in a hundred years. He showcases the bittersweet charm of forgotten communities that are frozen in time. And, yes, he also tours the big cities showing things that tourists never see. Along the way, he provides a commentary of the places he visits. His channel, which he started ten years ago, has 700,000 subscribers. It provides a very comfortable living, and he’s allowed to write off all his travels as a business expense.

    You could include a bit of time-lapse within the video to promote your photography blog which would, in turn, promote your channel. Cross-promotion across various social media is key to getting the best results. That, and producing lots of content. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

    1. I have tried doing some of that David, but I’ve never really been comfortable putting myself in front of the camera, and really no one was watching the videos anyway. I like doing the videos and they might change, I’ve been thinking of things I can do that don’t include my face. I like the idea of the commentary and have considered doing those as well. I have some idea, and will see what happens with time.
      I have to admit I am skeptical because everything I have tried always seems to fall flat and go no where, so I have kind of got to the point of thinking that maybe it just isn’t meant to be for me.
      What is your friends channel maybe if I see what he does I can do something similar. I like including the time lapse, maybe with some photos and then just straight video.

    2. The few location videos I’ve made are without any commentary or onscreen appearance. They are totally acoustic which actually presents an immersive experience for the viewer who sees and hears what the camera records. I never wanted the channel to be about me.

      Adam (the Woo), the fellow I mentioned, briefly appears in his videos while providing a non-intrusive narration. He occasionally will insert a voice-over commentary. You can produce compelling videos that tell a story without having to be a face on camera.

      Here’s a link to a video that Adam made while driving through Kansas enroute to Colorado in July. The content may seem mundane to people who prefer short, viral videos, but he’s got over 700,000 subscribers who love it.

    3. I love seeing places that tourists never go. These out-of-the-way towns are frozen in time, and long-forgotten. They were once vibrant communities interconnected by the railroad, but the interstate highway system made them irrelevant as the country became more urbanized. I especially like this video because my family is from Kansas so this is pretty much how I grew up. Whether in a small town or big city, it’s always fun to see things that only the locals know about.

    4. There are a lot of places like that here David. Another reason many places have got smaller is in the country the farms have got bigger and bigger, so there aren’t as many people living around there. It is strange. Thank you David, I have to admit you have given me a lot to thinking about and I hope to be able to show some new videos soon.

  4. You have almost 37,000 followers. You can monetize YouTube with 1,000 subscribers. One thousand views can earn up to $30. Have you thought about building your subscriber base on YouTube?

    1. I have been trying to build a YouTube channel, but I can’t get that number to grow. I have given up. I will still post on there, as I like making videos, but I don’t think I will get to a stage where I make any money from it. Thank you for thinking of me David, if only.

  5. Hi Leanne,

    I was a photograph contributor to iStockPhoto for 2-1/2 years. I never made a penny. You have to earn at least $100.00 before they ever pay you. I closed my account but did not do it properly. They have been selling my photographs (90+) for 9 years now and I have never reaped a thing. They never contacted me about filling out proper paperwork. They take advantage of your ignorance. It is a racket. The royalty they give you is a farce. It is minimized to macro numbers. In 9 years I have supposedly now earned $23.00, they tell me; though my photos sell for $12.00 and up on their website. I think they ‘cook the books’. I have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission, which said they won’t do anything but will report it to certain agencies. I don’t know who you work for, but it is unpaid slave labor with these photography sites. They are the only ones profiting, it seems. I was also on Fine Art America for about a month recently. I did not trust them after finding out about my iStock (Getty) photos, so I canceled my account with them; I’m out $30.00 for setting up my site with them. They also had gross pornography they sold on their website, which I don’t consider ‘fine art’ and don’t want to be affiliated with. Better Business Bureau has a lot of complaints against Fine Art America also; it appears they turn out shoddy merchandise. So I have decided it is not worth it to knock myself out with the photography when no one wants to pay me for it. The ‘elite’ companies just use photographers–unless you are one of their chosen few whom they will promote to the nth degree. Those are my thoughts and opinions. Women have left the home front to be used by companies who now get two workers for the price of one in many cases. Attorneys won’t handle my case with iStock either. It’s not enough money in it for them to pursue it. My photos are still being sold on iStock photo. I am trying to get what little I earned from them and close my account, but they aren’t responding. They know I probably couldn’t afford the attorney fees to pursue this, but all these online companies need to be investigated, I think. They’re rip offs. A class action suit might be what is needed. If I knew how to sell my own photography on my very own website, I would do it. It is such a headache, it’s not worth it. I don’t want to spend my retirement years beating my brains out trying to make a few dollars. I am 68 years old. You are probably younger than me, though. I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on this.

    Sue D. L. Smith

    1. Wow Sue, I had no idea that these companies could be like that. I had a couple of photos on Fine ARt America, but have never got any emails to say they had sold any. So not sure how they do it. I’ve tended to stay away from them all, so glad now that I have. So how do you stop them from selling your images? The problem seems to be that selling photos is a mugs game. I stopped trying a few years ago, it just wasn’t worth it. People never want to pay you what you want. I just enjoy taking them and showing them now. You are also competing with people who just want peanuts for their images and don’t care that they are ruining it for everyone else. Then you are also putting up with the people that think they can take it themselves. Photography is a hard thing to sell.
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience Sue, sounds like a nightmare.

  6. Especially like the time lapse photograph with all the light from the cars. I will look forward to seeing your posts whenever you feel like it. I have always felt that once a week is easier to sustain which is why I rarely post more often myself.

    1. Thank you RJ. Yeah, I’m not sure how often I will post, will depend. Probable keep doing MM, but not sure what else. I think it has to be how you want, doesn’t it. Works better that way.

  7. Have followed you for years. Forget where I first saw your photography, and as a person that loves taking photos, I was awed by your talent. Totally understand the frustration, and will keep an eye for you whenever you post again.

    Peabea Scribbles

    1. Hello Peabea, that is really nice of you to say. It is frustrating, but some times you just have to make the tough decisions, and say no more. My blog will be different in some ways, not as consistent, but I’m fine with that. Thank you Peabea.

  8. Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given through your posts. As the many comments above show, you have achieved a different kind of richness, one which is more valuable. Today I was talking to a photographer friend trying to find out how many photos per second are necessary for time lapse. I wouldn’t be doing that without your influence …..a simple example of how you have touched our lives. He told me, by the way, 30 images per second…… wow…….Is that true!!!! Aghhhh sorry, you don’t have to answer, haha. All the best…..see you around…….thanks.

    1. Oh thank you Geoff, I enjoy blogging and have loved all the people I’ve met. So I will still be around, but maybe not as much. I love time lapse. I tend to do 24 frames a second, other times 30 and I’ve even done 15. Just depends really. I like to mix them up.

  9. You shouldn’t do it unless it’s bringing you joy, Leanne. Just write a post when you feel like it and we’ll be here to enjoy your lovely images.

    For some reason my comments don’t appear on your blog, so I’m commenting in Reader. Perhaps today’s has gone to your spam.

    1. Thank you Carol, so true. I just get frustrated and jealous that others get better treatment. I then question myself. I think I will still be around, but maybe not as much as before.
      Your other comment was here Carol. I deleted after I saw you posted this one. I moderate all my comments so I can keep up with them.

    2. Yes, the comment thing is a bit annoying and I’ve seen that others are having the same problem. I’m just commenting and hoping for the best these days. It’s only happening on a couple of blogs. Have a great day!

    3. It should come up and say the comment is waiting for moderation, not sure why it doesn’t if that doesn’t come up. Oh well. Maybe it has something to do with the self hosted ones. who knows.

    1. Í won’t be disappearing, but I won’t be here as often and I will be concentrating on my photography more. Thank you.

  10. I walked away from blogging for a long time and even deleted my entire blog. It just didn’t suit me anymore. I went back to it and created a new blog because I just wanted to post an occasional photo here and there. I only post if I feel like it. I tried daily blogging and didn’t have enough to say or share. I do read others’ posts but my blog usually sits idle. I don’t get many likes or have a huge following. I’m okay with that.

    1. I like the idea of posting when I feel like it. That suits me. I think I want to stop trying to teach people and trying to showcase gear. That stops now. I think you have to do it because you want to. That is going to be the hard part for me, will see how I go. Thank you Donna.

  11. Especially if it isn’t contributing to your knowledge or income, the choice is yours, do what makes you feel that you are expressing yourself best. We love your images and we’ll welcome them whenever you can share.

    1. Yeah, it seems kind of pointless when you do it for nothing. I really want to do that Bernadette, absolutely. Thank you so much.

  12. The Dark Alive said it best. Do what’s best for you, Leanne but I hope you don’t go away for good. I will miss you and your beautiful photography! ❤️

  13. When it’s all said and done, you have to do what’s right for you. Look forward to seeing you even though it might just be occasionally.

    1. Exactly, I do. Not sure what that will look like, but time will tell. I can’t stop, but it won’t be as often. Thank you.

  14. As you know, I recently made a similar decision regarding my own blog. I think taking a break and then deciding how you want to use your blog in a way that is fulfilling to you makes complete sense. I think my blog might end up evolving into a very sporadic travel type blog but I am also at peace with never posting again if that turns out to be what feels right for me – though I am maintaining my art blog for now.

    It sucks that companies have been exploiting your good will and talent to that degree. That unfortunately seems to be a major marketing tool these days. I am not even remotely a professional artist yet I receive an average of 2 per week with companies or organizations asking to use my art for nothing except “exposure” in return. I always say no. It devalues everyone’s creativity and talents when we engage with that kind of bottom-feeding marketing strategy.

    1. Yes, I have to admit you doing the same made me go ahead with it. That is an interesting way to do with your blog, I look forward to seeing where you go. I am not sure what I will do, but I know there will be no routine and I will post when I feel like it.
      I guess I have to take some of the blame, I was excited that they wanted me to try their gear, but yeah, there was always this hope that they would see me as more, that they might want me as an ambassador, or I would get to borrow stuff for longer, maybe even get to keep something, but it has never worked out. Time to stop. I hate that let us use your work for free and you will get some exposure, the exposure is often just crap and nothing comes from it. So very very true. Thank you so much Laura.

  15. They get to receive the pleasure of a review and you get nothing? Sounds like a one-sided deal to me, Leanne. Dave is right on. Let them exploit someone else.

    1. That is exactly right Lois. They do get all that. I do feel a bit used. Thank you Lois I think it is time to let that dream go.

  16. Several times across one profession or another I’ve been advised ‘you won’t be rewarded for learning or doing more,’ but it’s never stopped me as long as the reward was my own satisfaction is knowing and doing. … And then sometimes it is time to cut the line and move on. Looking forward to what may spring forth from you in future Leanne. Stay well.

    1. I love learning, that is not something I could see myself never stopping.the self satifaction is really important. Thank you Jonathan, I think going forward it will be more about my photos, and maybe that’s it.

  17. The expectations we put on ourselves to continue doing something like this is immense, especially when we’re not getting paid for it. In the past, I’ve broken long streaks of posting when I got bored with the challenge of continuing long streaks of posting. Life often throws us changes in perspective and priority that make doing a post a chore.

    All of which to say, I get it: if you feel the need to change it up, change it up. Most of us will still be here when/if you find that groove again.

    In the mean time, there’s an awful lot of real world away from these stupid machines that suck our existence away. Enjoy some of it.

    1. So true Matt, we do put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Life does does do that.
      I think I want to concentrate more on my photography again. Oh yes, the real world and a garden that needs some work. I will do that, thank you Matt.

  18. I don’t care about the products. I care about your images. If you are like me, you need your head in the right space to make the best images. You don’t need sponsors. You might need a free web site. Your images are inspirational, especially for those of us that don’t get out much.

    1. Thank you Brian, that is good to hear. That is great to hear, I probably do need that headspace and to be honest don’t think I have been for sometime.

  19. as always, i love and appreciate your images and the time you take to put these blogs together. i agree with your husband and your decision to only do so on your own terms. the companies seem to just use most people for their own ends, and not a long term thing to depend on. blog when you like, when it brings you pleasure, and does not cause stress, then it will be worth it to you. always good to see you when you’re here.

    1. Thank you Beth, I think you are right, they do that. There is no incentive to be any different for them. I will keep blogging and do what I want to do. So you won’t see me as often, but I will still be around.

    1. Thank you Brian, it is time. No, I won’t abandon it, but not sure I will do it every week. Maybe when I don’t have anything I can just use some older images.

    2. That’s the third B&W photo challenge that has gone this year. Brens, Cee and now yours. Oh well if I want I can just use monochrome in other photo challenges.
      I hope you are ok 😀

  20. That photograph says more than words. Even if you just share images without words it would enrich my day. But do what you need to to feel good in yourself. 😊 🫂

    1. Thank you Michael. I know I will still be around, but not as much. I enjoy sharing my images, so no doubt you will see more.

  21. I always look forward to your posts and your images resonate deeply. Often they have a sense of timelessness within them which is beautiful.

  22. It is not a new statement…. but one I use in many aspects of life, work or play…… “When the fun stops -move on”. Not always easy but it is amazing how one suddenly feels so free once you make that decision. Good luck and Best Wishes 🙂

    1. I like blogging, but I don’t want to feel like I have to do it, I think that is how I’m feeling right now. I do know what you mean, I like that the routine is out the window and I will do what I want when I want. Thank you David.

  23. I completely understand your decision… I still hope to see you appear in blogland every now and then because I really appreciate your photography.

    1. I will see post, but maybe not as often or as regimented. When I feel like I have something to show you you will see me. Thank you Rudi.

  24. Will be keeping an eye out for your beautiful work. Evaluating is always good. Don’t forget about the inspiration and joy your images bring to others. I so love seeing your country through your eyes. I know those don’t pay the bills, but here is a Thank You for the images and words and knowledge you share.

    1. Thank you Mike, I will still be showing it here. That is really lovely to hear you say, it is nice to inspire others. Thank you again, I appreciate it.

  25. If you’re not getting anything from something anymore, monetarily or otherwise, then don’t feel guilty about letting it go. Do what’s best for you. Loving the images. The colours stir my soul ❤️

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