A Bridge in Colour as Well


Over on my other blog it is Monochrome Madness 2-22 and this week is the monthly theme. The theme is Bridges. I love bridges and trying to find a bridge to photograph hasn’t been that hard. I went out one day and photographed something seven. It was great.

I’ve done quite a few images with this particular bridge. I think it is one I want to go back to.


I’ve been working a technique for a while now, something that really seems to work with this type of image. I have to admit at the end of the day I like colour in my images. I don’t mind that the colour is toned down, but I like the hints of colour. You know it is a colour image, but the colour isn’t in your face.

I like the colours, to me they speak very much of the Australian countryside. I might have to do a whole series of these. I have been going up to this area a lot and am collecting quite a few photos. I might have to travel through the area again next week when I go up the Mallee to visit my mother.

If you would like to see lots more bridges then take a look at Monochrome Madness today over on my other blog, MM 2-22: Monochrome Madness Bridges.

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