An evening in Melbourne


The other night I was able to spend the evening in the city of Melbourne meeting new friends and taking photos. It was a great evening and I really enjoyed myself. I love it when that happens.

We walked around taking photos at the popular places like Flinders Street Station and Hosier Lane.

As we started our journey we could see some incredible light being reflected onto Flinders Street Station. We stopped down the road a bit and took photos looking back. See what you think.

Flinders Street Station


It was onto Hosier Lane, before heading down the river to for some sunset shots. The sunset wasn’t very good. There was all the promise of a good one, but it just didn’t happen. We hung around there for a while and then went up onto the bridge on Batman Avenue that goes over the railway lines. We set up our tripods so we could get some photos of the trains going in and out of the city.

Light Trails


I stacked a few images together to help get the best possible image.

It was after that that I had to leave and head home. It was time to say good bye to my new friends and I hope we will do this again sometime when they are in Melbourne.

It has been a busy week and I’ve been out taking photos a lot. I am also going out the next couple of days. I will do another blog post soon to let you know what has been happening. It has been kind of crazy but in a really good way.  I am enjoying where everything is going right now.

The weekend is ahead and I hope you have some great plans to get out and take photos too. Have a good weekend.

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