Art Exhibition – Tudors to Windsors

Art Exhibition - Tudors to Windsors

Today I took a trip up to the Bendigo Art Gallery to see the exhibition Tudors to Windsors. It was an exhibition looking at the Royal Family from the Tudors up to the present day.

Art Exhibition - Tudors to Windsors

Art Exhibition – Tudors to Windsors

Okay, I admit it, really I do, I follow the Royal Family and what they are up to. I can’t help myself. It is the best reality program out there. I cried when Diana died, I also cried when Molly from A Country Practice died. The second one is a character from an Australian television show that was in the ’80s.

The history is fascinating. I have researched it quite a bit, but there are always things to learn. Everything is there for lots of entertainment.

So I have justified it enough?

The Exhibition

This show has come from the National Portrait Gallery in London. It was massive. So many paintings, that then lead to photographs of the modern day royal family. Some interesting artistic pieces with them as well.

In amongst the exhibition where family trees of the different generations and history of the families as well. It was really interesting and while I didn’t stand there and read it all, I did take lots of photos so I could read more when I got home.

The show takes up about 8 rooms. If you want to go make sure you allow yourself at least an hour and a half to see it. Wear comfortable shoes. It is a good idea to book and it is time slotted. We went for the 10 am slot.

Getting to Bendigo

Bendigo is just north of Melbourne and takes about an hour and a half to get there up the Calder Freeway. If you, like me, like the Royal Family and its history, then I would highly recommend it. It’s really interesting.

I have prepared some images for you. They are just some random images of the exhibition to give you an idea of what was there. Though, look out for the horse and see if you can see anything wrong.


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