Being a Middle Aged Photographer – the upside

Being a Middle Aged Photographer - the upside

It has to be said that there a lot of upsides to being a middle aged photographer these days. I know there are downers, but lots of uppers as well. Believe me, there are.

Being a Middle Aged Photographer – the upside

Recently I did a post about the downside and the problems of taking photos when you get older. Today I thought we could take a look at the things that are good. It isn’t all bad and there are definitely aspects to it that are good.

Going out alone

I feel a lot safer now doing that. Of course, there is always the fear that someone might want to steal my gear, but hey, it’s insured. I have often joked with people how we would always insist on getting the memory cards first. Take the camera, but not my photos.

Maybe it is strange, but I feel like my own personal safety is not really an issue. Well, I wouldn’t put myself in a situation that could dangerous, but in most places I am confident that I don’t need to worry too much. Seriously, who is going to want me THAT way, if you know what I mean. I’m old. Really, I don’t take it personally in situations like this.


Yes, you hear me saying a lot that I don’t have any money. It is true, I don’t.  Maybe not completely true, I guess I am lucky that I’m in a situation where most of the money I make I can put back into my photography. Though I try not to do that too much. It has to be said that I do like to contribute here in the house in some way.

Anyway, it has meant that I have been able to spend money on my gear. My gear is fantastic. I’m not completely unhappy with it. Though I would like a mirrorless system, but if I don’t have the funds to get it right now then it will have to wait. What I have now is still enough for what I want to do. When I go out and take photos I’m not thinking I wish I had this or that to take photos.

Trips away

Travelling around a bit is something that I can do more now. My girls are grown and they don’t need me much anymore. They are independent and doing fine. That means I can go away without worrying about them. Not that I go away much, but still.

There is my husband, but he never wants to go anywhere. Thankfully, he doesn’t stop me. It is fine for me to go places as long as I don’t drag him with me. I’m not surprised, he has always been like that. As you can see we won’t be buying the 4WD and caravan to tour around Australia in our old age for lots of reasons, but this one definitely.

Though funds are still an issue, and I have to pay for the trips myself. So I save and save. My reasons for not wanting to go overseas are part of this too. I have said I don’t want to go at all, but I do want to do a couple, small ones. I just have to make sure I help reduce my carbon footprint in other ways. Perhaps I should do a post on this soon.


It is nice that there are nearly always people to go out with. Many of my photography friends are retired or semi retired so finding company isn’t as big a problem anymore. I love going out and taking photos with other people. Right now I’m finding I have a few friends that I really enjoy going out with. Have been away with some of them and they have been fantastic.

One of the things that make it great is how we do understand one another. We understand our limitations and that we can’t do what a 20 year old would. Enjoy good food and wine is great. We don’t have to get drunk to have a good time. Life is good.

Finally, from a middle aged photographer

So what have I forgotten about? What do you think are upsides about photography once you become a middle aged photographer?

Here are three images that I took on my most recent trip. I still have lots to process, but I’m slowly getting through them. I’m off to my mum’s this weekend, so I am looking forward to taking more photos up in the Mallee. Have some new work planned and I need to get some images from there.


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  1. I’ve found that as I have reached a “certain age” that I have more funds to do what I want to do and get what I want instead of paying for kids schooling etc. But some of those funds now go to help out the kids with the grandkids. Circle of life. It just irritates me how some (mostly men) look at the silver hair and think me less serious.

    1. Yes, I get what you mean, we are finding that there is more money for things these days. Oh, hear you, I know just what you are talking about, middle aged woman taking photos must mean she is hopeless. I hate it. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. I don’t know where my middle years went. I guess I was too busy to notice them. Even when I first retired at 60, I thought of myself as a young man and there was little I didn’t do that I did in my youth. But that was 17 years ago – almost overnight, or so it seems, I’ve become an old man. There are heaps of things I can no longer do. This old body is wearing out rapidly. But life is good. Though I’m limited by a few health issues I can still enjoy life. Had I been born a generation earlier, I wouldn’t still be here. Advances in health care mean a longer life – more time to spend with my wife, adult children, grandchildren and friends. And – oh yes – more time for photography. How good is that!

    1. I don’t know where they went either Don, I hope you find them. lol. I am finding that there are things I can’t do anymore, or more so things that I am more cautious about. I’m glad to hear that life is still good for you, that is always good to hear. I know what you mean about when you were born, if I had been born 100 years I probably wouldn’t have lived to see 30. More time for photography has to be a win. Thank you Don.

  3. Ditch the spouse haha and keep adventuring. It’s a recipe for making provocative statements like that. Love your work, Leanne.

  4. Given that life expectancy in many developed countries has increased (although the USA is a laaggard), I’m not sure what being middle-aged means in 2019, but this 52 year-old loves the fact that his children are in college and that his spouse, who recenl had foot surgery to to fix a congenital issue, no longer has an excuse not to join him on some adventures.

    1. That is surprising, though I wonder if it has something to do with how many people have access to healthcare as well. We are in the middle. Though we have a system that is available to everyone, you might have to wait at times, but everyone here has access to everything they need.
      I’m not sure either, but I don’t think 40 is really mid life anymore. I like to think we are mid lifers, I’m 54. I hope your spouse does go out with you on some adventures, I wish mine would. Good luck Khürt and thanks.

  5. Your photos look like pure magic, Leanne 🙂
    There are many good things to say about becoming older. We don’t need to worry so much, as we did, while we were younger.
    Enjoy your trip to your Mum.

    1. Thank you so much Irene.
      Yes, that is true, we don’t need to. I do like that.
      Thanks, I’m looking forward to catching up with my mum.

  6. It is always a pleasure to read your words and enjoy your beautiful photos.
    Calling myself a middle aged photographer would be a double compliment!! and unjustified. Gabriel (1950)

    1. Thank you Gabriel, that is good to hear.
      I suspect that once we get past 50 we are all in it together. So we need to stick together.

  7. Hi Leanne,
    great read, yes I stopped shooting weddings because of the long hours and my body not recovering fast enough, always loved the outdoors and landscape photography, but that means you need to travel more to really see places. over the past seven years we also had my mother in law live with us, and having just passed on at 96 we have found it has made us a little older as well.
    Well its time to step up now and get moving again. and in my late fifty’s that’s not always easy. got my drone RePL and want to play with that a bit, anyhow with a bit more time I hope to create something interesting once again.


    1. Thank you Nigel, glad you enjoyed it. That is a bit of a downer, the whole body thing, sadly. I get that as well. The travelling part can hard for me, but I get what you mean about having more time. So far we don’t have to worry about relatives living with us.
      Late 50’s is young, still plenty of time to get out there. Drones are becoming very popular. Not something I think I will ever get into.I’m sure you will. Good luck Nigel.

  8. Definitely a post I can relate to. With the years comes knowledge and a sense of, “I really don’t care what other people think”. Not in an arrogant way, but in a way that is comfortable. Time is also something that I find has increased over the years and that is a good thing! Great Photos Leanne.

    1. I forgot about knowledge, that is so true. I get that more now, not caring what people think, especially when it comes to my art. Thank you Ian, you have some good uppers for us.

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