Black and White Photography Before and After


Today is Monochrome Madness over on my main blog and there are submissions from all over the world.  It is a post that many enjoy, including me.  I like the challenge and how it makes me do a lot more monochrome images than I wouldn’t otherwise do.  I often don’t do a post here on my images, but I thought it might be interesting to do a before and after of the image that I did for it today. I thought it would be good to show both the colour image and the black and white photography version.


This is the image as I took it.  I have done very little to it.  I like the scene, the way the wood stretched out like a spider or something.  The other thing that I really liked was how the weathered the wood was.  If this image was near the ocean, you would think it was driftwood, but it is about 300km from the coast.

As I saw the image on the computer I could see that it was really void of colour, so I thought there was a good chance it would look good in monochrome.



I think I was right.  I really wanted to emphasize the grain in the wood and I did a lot of work to try and bring that out a lot more.  It was important to me to draw that out as it was what drew me to photograph it in the first place. I also played around with the sky, trying to decide whether to make it more stormy or do more high key processing and almost eliminate it.  In the end I decided I liked the look of the stormy look, it gives it a more ominous look, well I think it does.

I am happy with how it has come out, it was a good one to do.  I will have to look for more images from the Mallee to make into black and white.  Here is a gallery so you can see them side by side a bit better.

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