Floral Friday – macro from Healesville

Floral Friday - macro from Healesville

In my ramble yesterday I talked about visiting Healesville, I didn’t do any macro, but thought it might be nice to look at some I got a while back for Floral Friday.

Floral Friday – macro from Healesville

I know I’ve been talking too much, and I often want to do really quick posts, but Google says I need to do 300 words for SEO. Do you know how hard it is to write that much when you really just want to show some photos? So it forces me to write stuff like this. I think it is called filler or waffle.

Anyhoo, I had really wanted to get some macro shots at Healesville Sanctuary. Many of the Australian natives start flowering a lot earlier than their European counterparts. It is perhaps because our summers are hot and dry so they need to conserve energy. They don’t grow much, and flower at a time when there is a lot more water.

However, it seems July is still too early. You could see they were getting ready to flower, but nothing yet. Such a shame as I even took my macro lens with me. I had to carry it around. Oh well.

Healesville Sanctuary

This is part of Melbourne Zoos and is the Australian version. So if you want to see everything to do with Australian animals and birds it is the place to go. It is the same with the flora. There are many different Australian native plants and flowers to photograph.

Since I didn’t get good photos the other day I have gone into my archives to show you some I got back in 2016. I hope you enjoy seeing them. They were all taken with the Lensbaby Velvet 56.

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    1. Yeah, in a way it is a pain, the whole SEO. Some of the things you have to do just don’t make sense. Thank you Lois.

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