Cascades Brewery in Infrared


Cascades Brewery in Infrared

As many of you know, when I was in Tasmania recently, I spent quite a bit of time taking photos with my newly converted infrared camera. It was a great way to test it out and see what would work with it and what wouldn’t. It does give images a surreal look and I really like it.

When we were in Hobart we went to the Cascade Brewery for a tour. It was quite a fun tour and we really enjoyed it. You get free beer at the end, how good is that. You actually get four of them, and not little samples.

We were not allowed to take photos inside and I knew that before I got there, so on arrival I quickly walked around the outside to take some photos of the building. It is a beautiful old building and being able to see Mount Wellington in the distance behind just made the scene even better. Before the tour started I put my cameras back in the car.

For every image I took with the IR camera I also took the same with the normal camera. However, today I want to show you three of the infrared ones I took. It is a beautiful sandstone building.

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  1. Those are beautiful. Though also not a beer enthusiast I’ve been on a number of brewery and distillery tours – fascinated by almost any manufacturing process. I’m sure Cascades Brewery is a wonder to drink in architecturally speaking inside as well as out.

  2. Surreal look and yet so realistic for such an old building. Well done, Leanne!

  3. Looks excellent – quite dramatic!

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